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Save a life - Pass along to everyone you know

My son had a stroke at age 63, no one including the doctors treating him for the injuries that resulted from the fall the stroke caused recognized that he had suffered a stroke. Because of this he will live in nursing home the rest of his life.

Stroke has a new indicator! They say if you forward this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life. Will you send this along? Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue:…


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 U.S. Army veteran,  Conservative,  nothing is given  ! 

 U.S. Army veteran,  Conservative,  nothing is given  ! 


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Corona Virus

As you know that new disease coronavirus has occupied nation wide and everyone is fearing about this contagious virus

Here i write some facts about cronavirus so people of ludington can be safe for this deadly virus

Learn about  : Coranavirus

stay safe and stay home

best regards and prayers for you

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To Get More info about Forward Head Posture

I have researched and write so many articles on forward head posture 

A forward head posture (FHP) or gesture chin involves hyperbolic flexion of lower cervical…


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can you tell any weight loss tips to me

Hey guyz i am new on this platform can any one tell me about the weightloss tips here

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Hillary's Bimbo squad

Just watching the CBS news and it was mentioned that Hillary had a Bimbo Squad to discredit her husband,Bills lovers. What a piece of work she is.

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The Science Of Bodybuilding Growth

Juggernox        For Muscle Building you will have to boost your calorie intake. This doesn't mean you're able to eat something. You must adhere to the calories that were good you have recently been consuming. Simply put more. Most significantly however, you'll need protein in your diet to give muscle tissue.

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special meeting oct 6th 2015

Anyone heard of a special land use meeting tonight about the old Lyons property on south James st.? Seems it's a little late to conceder if a property could be used for a certain business after the property was purchased and the buildings were leveled. A lot of money spent on a hunch that the council would accept it.

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March 24, 2014 - Better Late Than Never

I just caught the Daily's date on the City Council Meeting with Barnett, bashing Tom, er, "Rotta."  I like the comment posted there from the Michigan Lake fan.  I'm just thinking that if indeed there is, or has ever been, name-calling toward Mr. Barnett, that, that could and should certainly be curbed.  What's the point of creating any more distractions than he needs?  At least, being respectful leaves him without an excuse to divert his attention from where it needs to be - like, solving…


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prevent alcohol flush reaction

To be totally honest with you, your AF Formula doesn't must be awesome. That is a major predicament. It would be the finest hour for AF Formula if successful you end up with a super-sized AF Formula. It is humble how dabblers must expound upon an amazingly complex circumstance like this.

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I've been doing for a while just adding

I've been doing for a while just adding a little bit to water and literally airport in the capital and just kind of do little bit my little bit because you need to go I taste and just starting out you’re probably just use a little bit in your water but then as you go my case for instance add more and more and more cut I really like the sleeper cell this is something that's actually gonna give you benefits health benefits Safer…


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Rachel that just strong rumbled on the beach

Rachel that just strong rumbled on the beach in California ok your challenge is just right here if they help you know we can ask questions of great with the kids jobs Jackson here alright tell us they're useless walls leaves at school hi main the other day you make me say it from the dishes that I Jeff s all by Department spring roll it back you do a great buddy just like apparently a great deal and participants I yes you did so good at it it's time to take it up a notch I remember a boot…


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GB endure a pasting

Content material:

Holland: The impressive crew will now meet Germany in the last

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Excellent Britain's guys delivered on their guarantee to assault and entertain but spectacularly failed in their bid to reach a first Olympic ultimate since the gold medal winners of 1988…


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Five NHL questions: Jimmy Howard returns for Red Wings

A everyday attribute that asks the five most significant inquiries about today's NHL action Gordie Howe Jersey. Will they be answered? (That isn't going to count as one particular of the five questions.)

one. How will Jimmy Howard perform?

Howard hasn't played considering that Dec. 10 right after sustaining a knee damage. Howard is assume to begin Monday night's game towards the Nashville Predators…


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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013, Blackhawks vs. Red Wings Game three: Time, Tv routine and much more

The Detroit Red Wings looked like hefty underdogs heading into their Western Conference semifinal series towards the Chicago Blackhawks, but right after their thorough beat down of the Hawks in Game two, the series is tied 1-one and the Wings are the staff with momentum.

The Red Wings head back to Detroit Pavel Datsyuk Jersey, in which a raucous property crowd with await them, with all of the momentum. Their 4-one…


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NHL: Los Angeles Kings revive title challenge


Gamers from the Los Angeles Kings celebrate

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The Los Angeles Kings stored alive their hopes of defending their Stanley Cup title with a 3-1 victory in excess of the Chicago Blackhawks…


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49ers must hit the street for playoffs this season


That acquainted ''Quest for Six'' slogan has re-emerged.

The San Francisco 49ers have acknowledged for months that the

street back to the Super Bowl to chase a sixth championship would be

a challenging one particular. Now, they have to hit the road, practically - a

different path than San Francisco had the previous two seasons as NFC

West champions with a first-round bye and internet hosting home games.

The No. five seed Niners…


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How Do You Get Man Boobs?

Diet and fitness is one choice in how to get of man boobs. Drop Metropolis, quondam victim from man boobs put a fasting and suitableness show together that helped him. He has now handwritten a volume called the "Bureau Manager Grouping" for those that essential to get rid of their man boobs.

An herbal supplement called Crowning Gynamax can allegedly get rid of man boobs fleet and is reasoned to be one cardinal proportionality secure.…


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The global domain name market

The domain name registration is one of the important steps which everyone takes for his or her website. The domain names should not have any barrier and it should have appeal to the globe. Thus, some people may disagree with me, but I must say to them that it varies upon your vision. If you are on web, why will you be limited to a certain boundaries? The online opportunity offers us the global come game for the website. Once your website was launched along with the cheap domain name, it…


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What other see from a distance=

Why "decent" investors do not come to Mason County providing jobs. there is a history here.

In case you missed the LDN letters to the editor this past Friday, her is one of the best letters I've seen. I do not know this woman, but she hit the nail on the head! I would like to thank all of the members of CARRE for the resolve and

commitment you have demonstrated in your

fight to save your homes and quality of life. All of Mason County owes you a

debt of gratitude for… Continue

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