Rachel that just strong rumbled on the beach

Rachel that just strong rumbled on the beach in California ok your challenge is just right here if they help you know we can ask questions of great with the kids jobs Jackson here alright tell us they're useless walls leaves at school hi main the other day you make me say it from the dishes that I Jeff s all by Department spring roll it back you do a great buddy just like apparently a great deal and participants I yes you did so good at it it's time to take it up a notch I remember a boot camp said I want to joins crazy mud runs Alice ask all since I yes yeah I thought that there is going on in town this week very yeah I think oh my gosh why did I ever say that I want to do not run you want to come sure coming out watch or the party bus your top spot with him here pressure okay come over to Chris outside I said great her girl yeah buddy you there's no way he would have Safer Colon done at the beginning of this process he would have never believed that he click that house got that glimmer of hope you know that that glamorous want to keep okay I'm on it at that black said okay hit a wall way the breakfast I'm standing at the start line G democrats and crowd behind us is going crazy they're ready to go and hard at me Billy wants to just run away it’s official our body it's official there you go area hospitals right up front Italian it up from there's all these people that love that they've done as hard as behind us to first thought is hopefully we'll get trampled why brick 14 no pilot honest all you have to do just finish okay going in 10 games this fall be so bad but the first 30 the course was already and sold it was like my worst nightmare first are still here dairy cow guys Rachel great job I buy a bar hard how China got you got it good homier it all did talk don't worry at all yeahbuddy they've got these hurdles you have to crawl over one under the next over 100 another this is finally time for them to apply all this training into some kind of real-life situation yet to literally placed their body up over an .

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Comment by XLFD on April 30, 2014 at 9:51am

When Spambots wax poetic...

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