I've been doing for a while just adding

I've been doing for a while just adding a little bit to water and literally airport in the capital and just kind of do little bit my little bit because you need to go I taste and just starting out you’re probably just use a little bit in your water but then as you go my case for instance add more and more and more cut I really like the sleeper cell this is something that's actually gonna give you benefits health benefits Safer Colon but it's a good way to kind of labor your water at a little something extra to your water am so that it has a little bit more flavor hands still good for you too Minute Maid cranberry Creek flavored juice beverage so let's see what it means when it says it’s a flavored juice beverage so looking at this label the first thing I want to point out is that it actually says right here at the top 25 percent juice blank so you have to ask yourself what's the other 75 percent contained in this bottle then moving on down we've got 71 grams of sugar in mist which isn't really a pretty little tiny I pilot shoes so that I think more sugar mean anything else.


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