Why "decent" investors do not come to Mason County providing jobs. there is a history here.
In case you missed the LDN letters to the editor this past Friday, her is one of the best letters I've seen. I do not know this woman, but she hit the nail on the head! I would like to thank all of the members of CARRE for the resolve and
commitment you have demonstrated in your
fight to save your homes and quality of life. All of Mason County owes you a
debt of gratitude for revealing the true
nature and bias of the Mason County government.
We have all just witnessed a microcosm of the corruption and influence that
has infested every layer of our
government. It does not require any special skill to see through the
deception that has unfolded before the
residents of Mason County. We watched the synchronized behavior of multiple
layers of government coordinate to
overpower and obliterate the vested interest of a group of residents whose
only objective is to preserve their quality
of life as stated in the Comprehensive Plan, assembled by the very body that
betrayed them.
Consumers Energy's industrial wind development in Riverton and Summit
townships is a ruthless display of power
and influence that has dismissed the recommended three-mile buffer to
protect the major migratory corridor as well
as a clear violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Even the potential
risk of death, supported by prior events, was
not enough to capture the attention of the Mason County Government.
It is truly revealing to witness the county leaders' collective disregard
for the well being and safety of their
The arrogance of the people who have orchestrated this project is
unmistakably evident by the manner in which
they have chosen to annihilate their opposition with impunity. Their good
neighbor tactic was to spend millions in
discrediting and destroying those who did not assimilate in lieu of buying
out the residents who were concerned for
their safety at a fraction of that cost. Let's be clear, this is ALL about
power and money, not about clean or green.
The irony is that Mason County was also duped by Consumers Energy as they
colluded with the State Of Michigan
to further enrich themselves at the county's expense. So, in an attempt to
preserve the fruits of their betrayal,
Mason County has joined a coalition formed to file suit against the State of
Michigan. Wake up, Mason County
elected officials! You were merely a sock puppet for Consumers Energy. Now
that the ink has dried and
Consumers Energy has carte blanche control over a significant portion of the
county, you're about to be schooled
in "good neighbor" relations.
Who would have ever thought that a gag clause was a warning sign!
Susan Boes and Mary Nichols, your integrity is deeply appreciated. Such
outstanding representation should be
remembered at the polls in November!
cript/fullpage.ph... 4/13/2012
Kendra Rae Muskegon Heights

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Comment by XLFD on April 23, 2016 at 11:40am

The Ludington Torch community mourns the loss of one of our community's outspoken mavericks, Colleen Plummer who passed away on Thursday. 

Colleen was born on March 8, 1953 in Hart, Michigan. She was the daughter of the late George and Helen (Cluchey) Plummer.

Colleen attended Morgan City High School in Morgan City, LA. Colleen took business management courses at West Shore Community College.

Colleen owned and operated the Antler Bar in Pentwater, MI for 35 years, along

with David Plummer and her children.

Colleen was a member of both, Pentwater and Hart Chambers of Commerce, MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association), and Pentwater Women’s Auxiliary. She enjoyed coaching soccer and was an MHSAA registered soccer official for over 20 years. She was a patron of countless Pentwater activities such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Homecoming events and 4th of July Scholarship Pie Contests.

Colleen was a beautiful, free spirit with a golden heart. She spread joy to anyone she met. She spent her life as a crusader always striving to make others’ lives better. She also fought for those who had no voice believing everyone deserved one. Colleen was passionate about so many things including art, photography, architecture, soccer (starting the Ludington women’s high school soccer program), painting, antiques and attending sporting events.

She loved New Orleans, and visiting her hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana, to rediscover her Cajun roots. She was most passionate about her grandchildren and the joy they brought her, loving them so dearly. She always had a story to share, a hand to lend, or an ear to listen to anyone who needed her.

Colleen’s contagious laugh will always be remembered as well as her ability to laugh at herself. She truly was one of God’s specialties.

Colleen is survived by David Plummer and children: Jonathan Plummer (Mary

McVicker), Jill Plummer (Rick McKee), Randy (Erica) Plummer. Grandchildren:

Tyler Plummer; Will, Austin and Benjamin Plummer. Siblings: Michael (Jennifer)

Cluchey, Judy (Tim) Zaunbrecher, Patrick (Margaret) Cluchey and numerous nieces, nephews and an infinite number of friends.

She is preceded in death her parents.

Cremation has taken place and there will be a memorial service held at the Village Green in Pentwater on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at starting at 1pm. Officiated by the Rev. Gary L Core. A celebration of Colleen’s life will be held following the service on the Village Green and at the Antler Bar.

Memorial contributions in memory of Colleen can go to the Colleen Plummer Acts of Kindness Fund through the Oceana County Community Foundation (OCCF). Online donations can be placed through www.cffmc.org/give/online-giving. Donations can also be sent to the OCCF P.O. Box 367 Shelby, MI 49455 made out to the Colleen Plummer Acts of Kindness Fund.

Please feel free to share a photo or a memory with Colleen’s family at


The family has entrusted funeral arrangements to Oak Grove Funeral Home and

Cremation Center of Ludington.

Comment by XLFD on April 15, 2012 at 1:44pm

Pure short-sightedness by Mason County officials.  She is right, reputable companies will look at what our county and city officials are doing via 'partnerships' and stay away.  Disreputable companies will try to exploit their partnerships with public officials.  Consumer's Energy should not be at the top of the list of villains here.  We have enough that have been appointed and elected here, and enough in the halls of power in Lansing.

Time to get rid of the good ol' boys in the County Commission; but are there any good folks out there with the courage to take their place?

Comment by AQUAMAN on April 15, 2012 at 11:55am

Yeah, I totally agree Masonco and Colleen, this person did hit the nail on the head, and good for some that realize our Mason County Commissioners are playing God with our lives, and have absolutely no shame for such violations to our sovereignty and safety for the future. Boes and NIchols can stay in office permanently as far as ethics and morals go, but the rest that voted this in, can leave anytime soon, and don't look back, what cronies they are.

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