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Executive Order 13563 - Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review

Is it just me? Or does this sound like an order to use government bureaucrats to use rules rather than laws to control the Heard? The part…

Started by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

7 Jan 20, 2011
Reply by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

Chicago Style Politics Expands to the State of Illinois

Now that the Ex-Governor of Illinois, who allegedly tried to peddle the Senate seat of President Obama, is almost out of sight in the rearv…

Started by Edie Lindsey

8 Jan 17, 2011
Reply by Willy


As of recent, it's sure not everyday we hear our Leader talk with such humility and Patriotic oratory. But last night was a bit different,…

Started by AQUAMAN

2 Jan 13, 2011
Reply by Dave

Ron Paul Ain't the Only Crazy One in Texas

Letter to the Editor Alfred W. Evans, Gatesville , Texas Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, TX 18 Nov 2010     Put Me in Charge Put me in charg…

Started by Edie Lindsey

24 Jan 8, 2011
Reply by Guidothesemipsuedocaptitalistpig

The Right-Side Rear View Mirror: TARP Bailouts

As John Boehner prepares to take over as Speaker of the House in Washington, let's remember what he told us about the TARP back in 2008 wit…

Started by Edie Lindsey

8 Jan 7, 2011
Reply by XLFD

Super Drunk Law is Enough to Drive One to Drink

The 11-4-10 edition of the LDN had a guest editorial from the Midland Daily News that applauded the new 'Super Drunk' law and said it will…

Started by XLFD

21 Nov 11, 2010
Reply by masonco

Obamacare: A Review of Same on the Day After

During the GWB administration, many within the USA expressed concern about the constitutionality of detaining several hundred alleged enemy…

Started by XLFD

6 Nov 5, 2010
Reply by XLFD

Proposal 10-1: Constitutional Convention for Michigan, Yea or Nay?

One of the two proposals on the ballot, Proposal 10-1 simply asks:    Shall a convention of elected delegates be convened in 2011 to draft…

Started by XLFD

3 Oct 22, 2010
Reply by Mary A.

Dan'S cripptic Bill: What's the Truth?

Last year State Rep. Dan Scripps (D-Leland) introduced legislation that states that Michigan groundwater should be held in public trust and…

Started by XLFD

21 Oct 17, 2010
Reply by AQUAMAN

Christine O'Donnell: Burn Her at the Stake... or Vote for Her

Oh my!  Recent Delaware Republican primary winner, and Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell has got some 'brooms' in her closet.    http:…

Started by Edie Lindsey

9 Sep 24, 2010
Reply by Lisa O'Brien


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