If you're not aware by now, you were played back in 2020; many of you may still not realize that simple fact and continue to be played.  Yes, I'm talking to those I see still wearing a mask while at the store, those waiting dutifully for their next booster shot, those who still think that Ivermectin is nothing more than horse paste. 


In the last three years the smart folks along us have learned, or relearned, some simple facts about big pharmaceutical companies and big government:  they want you to remain unhealthy and dependent on them for all of your ills.  That's how they get profits and retain their power over you.  When they unite against you, you need to resist and fight back, even if done passively by just being informed enough not to accept the propaganda and outright lies meant to keep you enslaved and powerless.

America is stronger when its people are empowered, educated, and allowed to be masters of their fate.  Our history shows us that, just like other countries that have histories of despotism and disenfranchisement of the people have shown the converse.  To this end, we update what we now know about some of the excesses of three years ago, some of which still exist, as a community service to our readers at the Ludington Torch.


Back in February 2020, none other than Dr. Fauci echoed what was common knowledge at the time among the experts at the CDC and WHO about masks, that there simply was no reason to believe they helped stopped the spread of airborne viruses.  Still, they found out shortly thereafter that they could extend the fear by issuing mask mandates and provide an ongoing reminder to everyone that there was a pandemic around-- it also made it easier for folks to lose their inhibitions that summer and riot after being told to by their government, even when it sometimes violated Covid protocols.

No big surprise here that the February 2020 versions of Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the WHO were right.  The very latest Cochrane Review on Masks is out and one more time they have found no beneficial property of wearing masks against not wearing them when trying to avoid Covid-like illnesses:

The Cochrane press release confirmed all this and then concluded: “We are uncertain whether wearing masks or N95/P2 respirators helps to slow the spread of respiratory viruses.”  In other words:  "We couldn’t find a shred of evidence supporting the notion that masks make any difference whatsoever. Whoever is advising people to wear masks is not basing their decision on any scientific evidence."

The review comprises many of the studies taken after the onset of Covid, noting that none of the sometimes-touted studies reportedly showing that masks worked, actually accomplished that feat.  So wear that N95 mask if you think it makes you look fashionable or if it hides your big nose, or protects your face from the cold, but don't wear it out in public if your sole purpose is to avoid airborne illnesses or viruses.  It just won't work for that.

Vaccines and Therapeutics

Safe and effective is how they were rolled out and billions of dollars were rolled out and spent on marketing them, in one of the biggest and most dangerous frauds ever.  

At the end of 2022, ‘Excess Mortality and Covid Vaccines. An Urgent Institutional Academic Investigation’ was published in Spain by a group of established doctors and clinicians.  They warned about a significant and very evident correlation between Covid-19 vaccination campaigns in 41 countries and the excess mortality registered in 2022.  Between May and November, Bulgaria, the country with the lowest vaccination rate (30 per cent) and booster doses (12 per cent), continued with a very low excess mortality (-1.2 per cent). While Chile, leader in vaccination rates (88 per cent) and reinforcement (125 per cent), had the highest excess mortality (21 per cent).

Other studies indicates that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) routinely damage the heart (an organ that does not regenerate) leading to some deaths and potentially long-lasting effects for the survivors; cancer mortality experienced an unprecedented increase compared with pre-pandemic rates, especially in the US and Britain.  

So the safety of vaccines is definitely in question, but are they effective?  When about 2/3 of the people in this country dying from Covid are either partially or fully vaxed, it makes a poor case for big pharma's initial claims that their magic bullets were 95% effective.  Once again we can see a pattern when we compare countries that have high vax rates to those with low vax rates.  The countries with the highest Covid fatality rates are those with high vax rates, and the ones with low fatality rates for Covid, almost all are in Third World countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia and are sparsely vaxed.  

That result may be surprising because of all the additional resources available in developed countries to treat Covid patients, but it seems to be more of a policy problem.  Developed countries have eschewed therapeutic remedies, settling on unproven vaccine while the Third World is stuck with cheap, repurposed drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin.  For some reason the civilized world stuck to their ventilators (which never worked) and costly therapeutics (if any treatment was used) that didn't work nearly as well and without the side effects of the cheaper retreads.  

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Excellent summary X. The elderly were harmed the most physically. The poor kids were harmed emotionally.


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