Just thought I would announce the big surprise:  Lakeshore Soup is.... for liberals onlyThat's right, I saw it emblazoned on their front page when I checked to see whether I was accepted yet.  Apparently, I was excepted instead! 


All you guys who thought this was the case in the past, have finally got your confirmation.  And done by a poor girl who just wanted to say "Hi" to der Libbies, and understand their pain.  We must also thank Angela for her pioneering work in this field also.  Now as for my membership in another exclusive group... that will be determined... but remember I tried

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It was a valiant effort Edie. I think you now qualify for the Soup Rehab!
Roger that Max, I make the motion for Edie to apply to Soup Rehab at her earliest convenience, do I have a second on that motion?
I think a confab is called for at SR to discuss this very matter among the members. Members, bring your badges, strict security will be enforced.

Edie, we will have a meeting among the Rules Committee and get back with you.
Waiting Again. Oh, mannnnnn........
thanks edie................... i try to bring truth, justice & the american way!
You sound like Swiper the fox on Dora the Explorer. Your answer will be finalized later tonight Edie.

Swiper no swiping. OOOh, Mannnnnn......
You're invitation has been sent! You've been approved!


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