I'm looking for some qualified men and women to help me run the Ludington Torch and keep it true to its vision and ideals (see our mission statement thread).  Anybody who is interested should send me a message listing their qualifications and personal reasons for wanting to be one.  I am looking for people that can travel the seven Cs:


1) Creative:  Uses good convincing prose of their own creation, or is artistic in other ways.

2) Cogent:  Is to the point, or on point most of the time.

3) Collective:  Is prolific and/or stops in at the Torch regularly.

4) Compatible:  Agrees with the goals, visions, rules, of the Torch

5) Congenial:  Remains cordial to others even during disagreements.

6) Consistent:  Does not contradict themselves over time, without good reason.

7) Capable:  Is able to discharge the duties of the post evenhandedly.


Furthermore, I will be impressed with those who are Content-oriented and Conscientious.  I will review those who send me a message, and then make a decision so that we can have a new Administrator in March fully trained with (almost) full reign.


It will be most similar to when Johnny Carson ran the Tonight Show, and had Jay Leno, David Letterman, Joan Rivers, etc. step in while he was on vacation.  The guest hosts were able to spotlight their talent, learn the skills, and develop their own identity, while keeping the traditions of the Tonight Show and Johnny. 


I will still have some oversight, but will try to be as hands off as I can be.  Remember, send me a message if you are interested.  Or leave some comments here, if you have any questions about it, or any tweaking you may suggest.

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Don't you mean, give me another 7 and 7 bartender..? Aqua shouldn't talk, rolls eyes.
I'd do a resume but Poppycock sounds like to strong of a candidate... I don't think i'd have a shot :-P
Poopycock? ...Too strong...?, just remember Dave, odor isn't everything. Rolls eyes, holds nose departing.
Did I get the job? I am most definitely strong in all 7 areas.

Please let me know, either way.

Guys, you realize you are doing exactly what you complain that the Soupers do, don't you? You should rise above that roguish behavior and display more tolerance and restraint than they.

Now back to the business at hand ... Poppycock sounds too good to be true. Maybe you should request references and letters of recommendation.
Pappy told me a long time ago, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually and most definitely is. It's also one thing to jive and tease a little to have fun or shoot the breeze, it's quite another to come on any forum and use strong profanity, serious threats, and attempt to capsize the boat with alot of others on board, just to get some childish follies. The person you defend here Mary, would have been cast to the alligator pits long ago on ANY other forum for alot less. But, I do agree with taking the high road as much as is tolerable and prudent.
Good points, Mary, but Poppycock has been on here before, put down some posts that were... how you say... unproductive and/or fictitious, and then withdrew. It's pretty obvious his application was done in jest, and until he establishes himself with some actual credentials, he will not be seriously considered.

Aquaman, and some others here, sometimes speaks from the heart, and the heart may both love and hate with equal ardor. His explanation above verifies this-- and if you ever want to hold him or me in reign over our charged words, just compare us to the Soupers-- we don't ever want to lower ourselves to that level.
Of course poopy was jesting, or should have been, imho. As for charged words, yes, some, including me, have some strong heartfelt sentiments, about our country, wars, jobs, traditions, and a varied number of topics. As for hatred, that is a very strong word, and at his worst, poopy hasn't crossed that line yet for me. But, I don't have ANY respect for that individual, nor many Zoupers, that always take the LOW ROAD to achieve an end result and agenda when confronted/debating with someone not extremist, not shallow, or of far-left think status. At least I'm not a hypocrit spewing discourse and anarchy. If you catch me though, call me on it asap.
My post was in jest. Sometimes I have a wry sense of humor.


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