Another reason why the U N is no longer relevant!

With Iran being allowed to be part of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, the U.N. again shows that they have no real grasp on how things are in the real world. Iran is far from being anywhere near the type of country that has the slightest clue about womens rights. Why they would be allowed to join the commission makes no sense at all. Allowing countries that have some horrible human rights issues to be a part of any commission that deals with human rights is baffling to say the least.

The U.N. was a great thing at one time, it did help many people in many countries. Now its barely a shadow of its former self. I'd be fine if the U.N. closed its doors, sent the ambassadors all home, did a demolition of the building and put in a nice park... be the best thing they done in a long time!

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The UN should be the best counterexample of why we should have a world government agency. Dave, your example is just one of many ridiculous actions by the UN. It was also amusing to see Zimbabwe chair the Committee of Sustainable Development. Zimbabwe's average lifespan dropped 20 years in the last 27 years, they cannot provide power to their capital city, acts of brutal police repression and the 50% reduction of its economy since 2000-- sounds like excellent resume stuffers.
Yeah, its just silly some of the stuff that's went on with the U.N. for awhile now. Going back to just before the Iraq war started, the US went in front of the security panel 16 or 17 times warning Saddam that if he didn't comply with the sanctions and restrictions that had been imposed on him that he and his country would face severe repercussions. Didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what those repercussions would be and went it got to the point where the US was looking to go in, well now its a problem and certain members of the U.N. didn't want the US to go that route, not because it was right or wrong.. simply because it would hurt their pocket book.

If I ever go to NYC, I doubt i'd want to go anywhere near the U.N.
As far as terrorist incidents go, the safest spot in New York would be near the U.N. They are one of the best friends of those with a terrorist mentality.
I think that the U.N. is important and necessary. Even if nothing gets done, any country with a grievance can bring their case before the U.N.
Just having the U.N. as an international forum is a good thing.
I do think a organization like the U.N. is needed... what we have now is useless. Maybe if the U.N. reorganized its self or a similar organization could be created that could actually be relevant in today's world I would have some hope. To have a organization like we have now with the U.N., I just don't see the point or value. Even if a country has a grievance, its hard to say if anything will even be done which kind of waste the usefulness. A country is better off to just go straight to the press these days and see if they can't get things worked out via that route.
Which press? The left or the right? I'm not sure there are any unbiased press agencies that exist anymore.
RJE, I agree that the U.N. is U.N.important and U.N.necessary.

The U.N. is about as useless as most unions in practice. They may have both started off as a good idea, but both have developed into part of the problem, rather than the solution. Nations got together in forums before the U.N. was created, and they will talk together productively if and when it gets dissolved.


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