I know there are going to be a few around this area including one in Ludington tomorrow, anyone going to head up to one? If I didn't have to work I might of checked one of them out. Been curious as to what goes on at one of these events. I've heard the good and the bad regarding them so be kind of nice to see which is actually true.

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I will most likely go to one, but of course not in Ludington. The one I am really planning on attending is a protest in Alamogordo on the 19th. The 19th of course is the anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War and Paul Revere's midnight ride, and the "shot heard around the world".
I'm going to the one at the Capital. I'ts from noon till 2pm.
I don't support the tea parties, but take lots of pictures. You might just convert me.
I fully support the Tea Party movement, but I have to work during the day tomorrow. Gotta fund my newfound health care costs and the City Attorney's pay increase. Anybody know whether they have anything happening in the evening around Ludington? I'd like at least to show some support.
Long live Paul Revere and his Sons of Liberty. Btw, don't forget to take your cd player and plug in the Paul Revere and the Raiders album.
Great idea Aqua!
Hi Max, I miss seeing you. But since you're here now, like the party you went to earlier this year, please try to take some pics. of the party this 19th, and post them. They were really cool, esp. with your comments attached on the opposition, and of course that flag you now have for a terrific avatar. Thanks. Gotta go, get my Miami Vice fix at 11pm, DTV channel 330. Ttyl.
Thank Aqua. I'll do that! Pictures are always nice...
Too bad, I beat you to the punch today Max. I thought, why not check it out? Great people, no brawls, no arguments, no cops, no drunkeness either. All went well and peaceful. See the pics. I posted, got 16 out of about 60 taken. I'm waiting to see if Dave or anyone else posts some, there's plenty more goodies in my Kodak file left too. Thanks.


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