Armed and civilized: Protesters rally against Obama policies

Armed and civilized: Protesters rally against Obama policies

This is an article written about our protest yesterday (1/2/10) in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It was a joint venture by the Otero County Tea Party Patriots, The Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force, and the Liberty Riders.

It was an open carry event, and about half or maybe a little more chose to do so. In spite of the predictions of blood in the streets and total carnage, there were no arrests an no one was was shot. It was peaceful.

The Otero County Democrats decided to protest us, but could only manage a pathetic showing of about 6 people.

Motorists were asked to honk in support of us and they did.

Here are a couple of my own pictures:

Someone who decided to open carry:

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Like that guy, don't tread on me, states the yellow flag. Looks like peaceful, organized, ordinary everyday citizens, getting some fresh air and making good points. Any other pics would be great too.
Here is one of the many news reports of the protest:

From the news article in your heading, you wouldn't get the fact that Denise Lang (1:15 into the video) was a counter-protestor; she and the last guy interviewed would be just a person off the street according to the article. Amazing job of reporting, Michael Johnson (if that really is your name).
Max, I read the article and noticed:

a) the protest was a "rally against Obama policies" and the Obama administration.
b) "many people" feared it would morph into a Wild West shootout.
c) although the protestors outnumbered the counter-protesters 350 to 6, the latter viewpoint had seven paragraphs of dialog, while the former had only five.
d) in those seven paragraphs the protesters were called juvenile, adolescent, mush-minded, lackeys and right wing nuts.
e) a protestor used the term 'zero-bama', but no other slight was used in their dialog.

Which side is civilized? Which newspaper is fair and balanced? You decide.
I agree with you XLFD. Also, there were many threats made to us by the left online and in print that the DPS is looking into. Whether or not there will be any prosecutions is another matter.

Another point that I don't think was covered in this article, is that we went through the process of getting the necessary permits and even notifying the DPS of the intent to open carry. The counter-protesters however were allowed to assemble without a permit, and took the area that we had per the permit.

In the days leading up to the protest the newspapers ran many articles that were negative to us, using the terminology mentioned in this article and more. None of what they predicted came to pass.

There are some other videos that I can hopefully get posted tonight.
And some talk of Fox Noise, what about the abuses your group endured as good and accurate reporting? It's Fixed News too! I think it also most important to note the State of NM's main reason for open carry law to begin with. Hey, post that road runner sign over here would'ya Max? Maybe you can overlay a flame behind his tail to make it a "Torchy mascot" of sorts. We used to see those on Plymouths all the time as their tires squealed by. Har.
Here are those pictures that I posted on the other site:

Those roadrunners, the New Mexico state bird, are cute creatures and hard to photograph. I've been trying to get a good picture of one for quite a while!

Here in New Mexico when you venture out into the desert or up in the mountains, it is advisable to carry a gun. Mountain lions live just a few miles out of town, and have ventured into town on occasion. There are also Bear up in the mountains, and rattlesnakes pretty much everywhere. My wife and I love to explore the open desert and always carry. In addition to the critters, there are some unsavory people out there that you can also run into. And then there is the fact that the border is just a few miles away.
If those RR birds and Plymouths are what I think and know of, you won't get any pictures of them, just Blurrrrrrs, and smokin rubber!
Here is another video:

Alamogordo Daily News
Thanks, Max, another fair interpretation of the freedoms seldom used by the masses anymore now. And plenty full of patience, and no hostilities, as would be expected, and appreciated. Let it snow!


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