Artwork for March/April: Little Sable or Big Sable Lighthouse Pictures Wanted

The lighthouses around our area framed against the horizon are often used as a picturesque reminder of this area to ourselves and others.  They also can be viewed as a symbol, much like a torch in the hand of a statue overlooking another harbor, to express our individual liberties and freedoms. 


To remind us of this, the staff has decided to use the Big Sable Lighthouse in Ludington State Park and the Little Sable Lighthouse south of Pentwater as criteria for selecting the Ludington Torch's heading for the next two months, barring any other local major developments.  Please submit your favorite/best photos in the main photo section for consideration if you would like to see it up on the big screen. 

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I've got another lighthouse to submit that is pretty neat, but far away from Lud..
At this point I would like to keep the banner restricted to the west Michigan shores. Panoramic pictures would probably work best. As a seaman, Aq, you could or have had the opportunity to take pics of these lighthouses away from the shore. You might be able to get some unique perspectives rather than the usual sunset backdrop.
I have some pics from when I lived in Petoskey which would technically be western Michigan... although I guess even more technically, north western Michigan. A few pics of the would probably be considered a panoramic style photo. Your welcome to use these if you desire:

Thanks, Dave, they look very usable for future banner headings, and I particularly like the torchlike effect of the sky that was evident that night.
Yeah, I thought the color of the sky that night was extremely nice.. even for a place like Petoskey that routinely has some pretty nice sunsets because of where it sits. Think that's one thing I miss about the place.
I just saw these now too Dave, quite excellent sky and backdrop. So, were you born and raised up in Petoskey? I haven't been there for quite a while, but, when I was, the people were super friendly, nice small town too, new marina at that time too. Harbor Springs was full of snobs. Leland and Northport also nice when ya get up in that neck of the woods.
Actually I lived most of my life down state, near Coldwater... I was in Petoskey for about 5 years before moving back to this area a few years ago. Petoskey is a nice town, just gets boring up there after awhile... specially if you don't ski during the winter. I did most of the tourist stuff the first few years I was up there so it was either go home or go to the casino... casino got expensive after awhile so I went home... lol. Down here your at least somewhat close to civilization.. up there it was about 3 hours to get to Grand Rapids. Traverse is alright but doesn't hold a candle to GR and places south.
Ha, you think that's bad, try living in the UP for a couple years. I never did anything but visit, but I know a few others that tried it, didn't work. There is no work. But it's nice country for hunting and smelt dipping.


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