Breaking News: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head

Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, a Rep from Arizona was shot in the head at a community event. Witnesses have reported hearing up to 15 shots. Injuries and fatality reports have fluctuated with reports saying that Giffords passed away although at this point, its now being reported that she is still alive but in critical condition. Its also been reported that 4 people did die in the shooting, including a child. Reportedly, the gunman approached where Giffords was speaking to a couple when he yelled something and opened fire. Other then saying that is was a male that was the gunman, nothing else that I have heard has been reported as to who the guy was. 

Giffords sounds like she would be described as a blue dog democrat (she was a former republican), fiscally conservative and a gun owner. Had she been in my district, I could of seen myself voting for her possibly.

Anyhow, the story is unfolding as we speak, surely we will know much more by this evening.

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no max what i was getting at is what the news media is stalking the parents and what hell they have to put up with.  Dave like you said what guilt they must have for what he done.  WHY DID HE DO THAT AND WHAT DID I DO WRONG.
Ok, I agree with you J.B.  Regardless of what the son did, the parents do not deserve to have their privacy and dignity taken away.  Unfortunately that is what always happens.
You're both kinda right Max and JB, BUT, it has now been established that the community college he attended, "insisted that the parents get him a mental evaluation, BEFORE they would let him attend anymore", and get the Results of those tests, Before reattending. I don't know if the parents can FORCE this or not, since he is in their care and residence, but, at the same time, is of legal age, over 18. He was suspended something like 5 times from the college for outbursts and scaring the bejesus out of his professors and classmates. Again, how about this Masonco? Can you site or link us any laws on the books for this too please? I'm sure your professional experiences and insight will help us all see some light, or more darkness that needs change. Btw, anyone hear where he got or bought a gun? That too needs addressing.

Over 18...parents have no rights especially not to mental health information. If a counselor told the parents anything without the kids signing release, the medical personel would lose their jobs. It's called HIPPA privacy act. Just type in HIPPA privacy act for medical care and you should get it.


Parents can not kick out an adult child unless they go to court for eviction proceedings.  If a person's possessions or mail is at a house, court eviction is necessary if they don't agree to leave.


The only  way the parents can "force" a child to go to counseling is to have PROOF the child is in IMMEDIATE danger to themselves or others and get a court order for a 24-48 hour assessment. 


Where did he get his ammo? At Walmart...The first one denied him immediate purchase because the way he was acting. The 2nd one he went to sold him the ammunition.

From what I have read, he's had a history of weird and strange behavior but no violence. So who could possibly have predicted this?

From what I am gathering from National news reports. ( At least the ones attempting to fact find rather than blather about other than facts) The Guy had a bizarre enough personality with aggressive tendencies to be expeled from a local collage. At that point community mental health, A DHS function should have started to activly follow the guy to determine if he was a danger to himself or others.

Even if they were too booked as does happen in the mental health area. It would seem they could have notified the local LE whom could have even with a cursory questioning and (home safety check) The tent with the skull would then have alerted those who had the responsibility to give the guy an evaluation.

Oh gee.. these types of functions are what the liberals complain conservatives want to de-fund. And the sheriff down there seemed to want to spend more time blowing smoke at anyone but the Liberally run institutions in that particular town... I wonder why??

I think its safe to say at least two institutions fell down on the job. Does that mean we can now de-fund them and replace them with a system that will work better at keeping even congress safe from wacko mentalities?

It's not Laughner's fault at all, is it Tuebor and Mary, it's Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and all the Conservative talk show hosts and such, right? Controlling minds and spirits to do evil. And what W. Churchill said 60 years ago is wrong too? Socialism: "of the duds, by the duds, and for the duds"! DUDS = per Webster's definition: "anything defective or worthless".
Let's just add this little rant too:  any individual that tries to derive any benefit from such a tragedy of national consequence and significance to the general public, esp. to the USA, to promote and achieve a "desired objective and agenda in their favor", no matter the political party, Tea Party, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent, Republican, Democrat, or any other favor, is NO BETTER THAN THE SHOOTER OR ASSAILANT THAT COMMITS SUCH HIDEOUS AND DESPICABLE CRIMEs. Just my opinion, and I think it's worth the other sides opinions too, for better or worse, take it on feely-goods. The ball is in your court of jesters and spin doctors now. Go for IT! Personally, I think it's a sad and perilous posture on the Liberals that think they can and will impose false blame on the innocents in this society, to achieve wrongful loss of liberties to the public in general. A sad slap in the face to the Forefathers that wanted a peaceful and forward looking nation for all, and with Liberty for ALL.

Again...It is illegal to "monitor" a person with mental health issues. They have the right to refuse treatment and most do.


Even in nursing homes where a person is unaware of their surroundings, they have the right to keep their soiled underwear on and not be cleaned up if they want to refuse to be cleaned up. The state surveyers actually cited a nursing home for an aide "forcing" a patient to go with them to changed their wet and soiled clothing...because the patient was screaming NO NO NO. If a patient refuses to take a shower, you can not take them in the shower and clean them up...


It is the same exact thing with mental health patients. You can make reccomendations, the police can keep them for maybe 24 hours and must release them if there is nothing to charge them on. Same thing with mental health units. They can admit someone who obviously is a danger to themselves or others and keep them for up to 3 days then if the patient is "stabilized" and does not want to stay, they must be released.


Back to nursing home.  A person who is not deemed legally incompetent by the state has a right to sign themselves out AMA and leave. Protective services can be contacted to investigate, but their hands are tied too. They have to give warnings first then if not followed through have to return multiple times if they can find time with their huge caseload.


I think your correct. The law protects these people as well as it should. I think everyone is getting bent out of shape about this shooting. There are more than 300,000,000  people in the U.S. This type of incident is rare but everyone is jumping out of their shoes about it. The people who are running around pointing their fingers and ranting and raving to and in the news media are the ones who need help in putting life in perspective. This type of crime has happened since humans could stand up and pee, [ yes ladies you can to] except back then we used clubs.  We just have to much time on our hands so we sit around, listen to the news and let this crap consume us.

If only the mainstream media could look around their own political motives to actually get this.


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