By Glen Enloe, Kansas City Star Midwest Voices columnist 2010

You can almost hear the beat of that old rock song: “Dum, dum, dum… Another one bites the dust.”

Evan Bayh, the Indiana Democratic Senator, has announced that he too is quaking in his boots and suddenly deciding not to run as beleaguered Democrats are quickly realizing their arrogant posturing this past year has stirred up a political hornet’s nest that is likely to bring most of them down.

While Bayh is only the latest and certainly not the last to realize that America’s anger is real, some Democrats continue their Little Big Horn mentality in holding high the liberal banner as countless arrows fly. They have re-doubled their endless attacks on Sarah Palin, tea party supporters, conservatives and their ilk.

The once foaming-at-the-mouth Bush bashers have now morphed into “Palin Impalers” in what can only be termed a cult of hate of the first magnitude. Not only is she constantly belittled as dumb and stupid (a tactic the Bush bashers honed to perfection), she is also portrayed as leading her moronic followers and fellow conservatives lemming-like off hate-filled, gun-toting, Kool-aid drinking cliffs toward political oblivion.

While the now departed Bayh was often portrayed as a moderate, almost conservative Democrat by the overtly liberal faction of the party, neither Democrats or Republicans will miss his weak-kneed stance on tough issues. Yet, Bayh has, perhaps, seen the lipstick writing on the mirror better than many others.

The message is this: the weak and liberal need not apply. The American public has had enough of this foolishness. Both Democrats and Republicans need to shut up and listen. That is why Sarah Palin scares the Bee Jesus out of both sides.