Usually visiontoamerica is pretty accurate, but this seems a bit far out to me. Obvously I don't dare post it in LT.

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Here's a link that came from my research on the subject, apparently page 1312 of the megabill has some reference to this. Haven't read through it all, but it seems a reasonable piece, and it does seem a legitimate concern for those arrayed against this law as to what the extent and purpose of this IRR will be.

Obama’s Ready Reserve Corp within the Healthcare Bill – Explained (...
Here's the start of it:
I was recently asked about page 1312 of the new Federal Healthcare Bill. In particular, the question revolved around “creation of commissioned officers within the Ready Reserve Corps and the Regular Corp” and if it might be a new paramilitary unit created or modified.

After reading over page 1312 and a few others, I began digging around on the internet. Everywhere I searched, all I could find were more questions and everyone asking each other, “What is this Ready Reserve Corp in the Healthcare Bill!? Is this Obama’s new civilian military he spoke about during the campaign?”

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – Barack Obama, July 2nd, 2008

I kept digging and digging until finally, I found a bit of information relating to the original creation and design of the “Ready Reserve Corp.” The Ready Reserves are NOT a new paramilitary force that Obama has created. The Ready Reserve Corp has been around for awhile and the Healthcare Bill merely included some revisions to a few small areas.

I hate to say it to some of you, but this is not some conspiracy or boogeyman embedded within the language of healthcare. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of a good conspiracy theory (ask my friends and co-workers!), but I can only respect those theories that have been well researched. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is not the “civilian national defense force” – at least in it’s present form. I am not saying it can’t morph into something along those lines, but at this moment, put down the cavalry bugles. There will be no great charge. I strongly suggest we keep an eye on Obama’s agenda to create a massive civilian force and especially Whitehouse Spokesperson Eman Ramuel’s call for mandatory 3 month military service (an involuntary draft, more or less). Now that Healthcare has been signed, Obama will be placing his other items on a fast-tracked agenda as time continues to run out.

Stay sharp, but in the meantime, read up on the Ready Reserves -

According to Wikipedia -

The Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) is a category of the Ready Reserve of the Reserve Component of the Armed Forces of the United States composed of former active duty or reserve military personnel, and is authorized under 10 U.S.C. ch.1005. As of 22 June 2004, the IRR had approximately 112,000 members (does not include all service IRR populations) composed of enlisted personnel and officers, with more than 200 Military Occupational Specialties are represented, including combat arms, combat support, and combat service support.

An individual assigned to the IRR receives no pay and is not obligated to drill, conduct annual training, or participate in any military activities (except for periodic Muster activities) until activated by Presidential Reserve Callup Authority.

Upon being called up, service members will usually be screened for their medical and personal status in order to qualify or disqualify them for activation.

An enlisted service member’s IRR service ends after the completion of their mandatory service obligation(MSO) usually 8 years.
Still, even if one discounts the site V2A as being non-reliable due to their beliefs, one should check the veracity of their claims. Sometimes outrageous news can be true news, and it doesn't matter whether you get it from the Daily Kos or Glen Beck.
The V2A site seemed a bit too salacious as you say, but the main video was retired Judge Napolitano's take on the subject at FOX news, which carries a little more weight in most people's opinion.

Being that this "law" is so lengthy and unvetted, I wouldn't be surprised to find John Brown's and Jimmy Hoffa's body in the 2700 pages. The worst part of this law, I bet, is what's not in it just yet.
That's why I wondered with the video thrown in. AND why I did not dare ask over in LT
OK Thanks guys. So this site is not reliable? Usually the emails I get are on target, but this seemed impossible to me. I still do not understand what is the difference between a private army and the original intent of the National Guard members who were supposed to be ready and available for USA crisis. NOT to be shipped to war zones overseas like they are now.

Now our National Guards are sent to war almost more often than full time military. The difference is they get no support from the military when they come home or when not overseas. Their pay ends when they come home, most them can not get jobs anymore cause they are shipped out almost every other year.

How do I know? I have a son in TN who is in Iraq now.
Thanks. I do usually try to check out several news sources, but that item really threw me.
Zzzzzzz Oh wait, class is over! :)

Just kidding. Actually I asked the question and you were able to answer it. I have no clue how I got on their mailing list but there are several different ones I get emails from. Sometimes I find it interesting how different sources interpret the same thing so differently.
OK, I heard a brief remark that Stupak is talking about "retiring" due to personal reasons. No I don't dare start a thread in LT, but it could be an interesting read...when I have time. I wonder how much of it is related to voter remorse?
Maybe a brave soul will start a thread with this info on LT. I came here cause I just found it too. Time is short.

BTW...It is snowing here in the East side of Mason Co too.
It is official. He did announce he's retiring.

Are your poor goaties going to make it through this cold spell?
"Have you ever had little goaties before?"

Who's growing a goatie?


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