come on city of ludington - seriously? where do I start a petition?

Ok so today was the 4th time in 2 weeks that I have taken my son down to the waterfront playground, or the big boat park as he likes to call it.  Granted summer is not here yet, but every single day that I have gone down there within the last 2 weeks there has been at least 3 or more families there with their children.  My problem is/ the thing I don't understand is why are the bathrooms not open yet for public use?!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead the city has a stinky port-a-john down there that has not been emptied since the first time I went there 2 weeks ago - who knows how long that shit has been sitting in there.  It's bad enough that the public restrooms that they do have down there are in bad shape already - but to subject plp to an unsanitized, dirty restroom facility is beyond reproach!!!  Believe me, I will be calling city hall tomorrow to see what the heck is going on - but really it is just gross - go see for yourself!  And another thing how would one go about starting a petition making it illegal to smoke within 50 ft of the play areas down there?  I understand its an open outside area, but do you really need to smoke at the table while your child is having their afternoon snack & while my child is running to the clide and runs thru your cloud of smoke? WTF!!!!  go over to where your car is parked if u really need to smoke - dont expose my child to your crap.  Anyone know what can be done about this - drop me a line :)

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Give the kids water pistols to put out the fire. Might help?
Some smokers would lose control. A good idea but keep kids away from the explosive responses!

Legally I wonder what happens if a child gets burned by a strangers cigarette? Who gets sued? Not the smoker.
better believe I would sue the smoker - just like if someone gets hurt at your house because your step was broken - the step is yours just like the smoke. I just dont understand how plp can smoke around their kids or other kids!! I smoke occassionally but never around my child or other plps children. I have the restraint to refrain from it til they are not around and I would never think of lighting up while pushing my kid on the swing - I guess I have more common sense than some paretns out there. I dont know. I'm not saying you shouldnt be able to smoke down there - but I think a person should be atleast 25 ft away from the playground equipment when they lite up. Just like out at WSCC you can smoke but u need to be 50 ft away from the entrances as common courtsey to the other students - wscc shuoldnt have to put signs up for plp to show courtsey but its obvious that plp dont know what that means anymore - The city should just put signs up I think that would deter plp more than w/o having anything
Angela, there could be a safety issue with the overloaded porta-potties and the smokers down at the marina; to whit, the build-up of methane gas in the john could easily become a deadly fireball when Joe Camel opens the door, LOL. Good luck on both issues.
:P hahahh so true...................
This is aweful. I guess I deserve to have a bird fly over me.

My first though when I read your post XFLD was that maybe the smoker would quit smoking then.

(Slumps down and heads to corner)
What if the smoker moves 50' away, and the wind carries the smoke to the playground? Still want to limit the distance? It's outside, without walls or roof, therefore, not enforceable. I do suppose a person could ask politely for the smoker to move if it was deemed too offensive, that would be the nice thing to do, and a nice smoker would move then. You can't stop birds from pooping while fly-bying either.
so very true! The only thing is I have very nicely asked if the could move while smoking & that I would even keep an eye on their child(ren) but it seem to be the plp that are rude enough to smoke down there - right by their kids & your kids- have no idea what it is to be polite and move away some. Not trying to sterotype but they are younger kids themselves, unwed, and not highly educated - from what I have seen/heard/experienced.
I think the major issue is the risk of injury to the children who might step on a hot cigarette butt or run past someone who is holding the cigarette facing out (not cupped in their hand) so a young child can risk permanent burns from the tip of that cigarette.

The smoke is bad enough for children, but those people do set the children up for other dangerous situations too. Believe me, many of them do not care enough to think safety for the kids. They just throw those butts on the ground for a child to step on or chew.
C'mon folks. Children are moving around. They're not standing still and waiting for the cigerette smoke to envelope them. The smoke disperses into the air and is not concentrated as it would be indoors. And parents should not let their kids go barefoot at any park. I would be more concerned with sharp objects on the ground or kids stubbing their toes or tripping and falling on the equipment. Maybe they should ban the equipment so the kids don't get hurt.
I agree!
That's too bad Sheila, others have no rights to be so rude to you and your children. I know it's not fair to you, but there are other parks with alot of playgrounds, try the Copeyan Park, jaycee beach park, and many others if it continues.


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