come on city of ludington - seriously? where do I start a petition?

Ok so today was the 4th time in 2 weeks that I have taken my son down to the waterfront playground, or the big boat park as he likes to call it.  Granted summer is not here yet, but every single day that I have gone down there within the last 2 weeks there has been at least 3 or more families there with their children.  My problem is/ the thing I don't understand is why are the bathrooms not open yet for public use?!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead the city has a stinky port-a-john down there that has not been emptied since the first time I went there 2 weeks ago - who knows how long that shit has been sitting in there.  It's bad enough that the public restrooms that they do have down there are in bad shape already - but to subject plp to an unsanitized, dirty restroom facility is beyond reproach!!!  Believe me, I will be calling city hall tomorrow to see what the heck is going on - but really it is just gross - go see for yourself!  And another thing how would one go about starting a petition making it illegal to smoke within 50 ft of the play areas down there?  I understand its an open outside area, but do you really need to smoke at the table while your child is having their afternoon snack & while my child is running to the clide and runs thru your cloud of smoke? WTF!!!!  go over to where your car is parked if u really need to smoke - dont expose my child to your crap.  Anyone know what can be done about this - drop me a line :)

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I think ya got the wrong one of us. I am one of those smoking away. Of course DH tells me I am the most hypocritical smoker there is because I will bitch at him about smelling like it. I keep my hair up, stay upwind of the smoke, wear a "smoking jacket" and all other sorrts of wierd stuff so I don't smell like cigs. It's so gross.

Being the hypocritical smoker I am though, you won't see me sitting on a bench with other peoples kids blowing my smoke around them. If we are outside like Angela is talking about I make my daughter stand up wind of me and me up wind of the cig. ans am sure to blow the smoke off in the direction the wind is going.

Of course, I know those dirty dirty smoker types you are talking about. Usually they look like they have been living on welfare for ten generations.

DH quit smoking for nearly a year and was very nostrilly offended by our friends cig smell. But with me, I can keep the smell off me and try to keep it away from others too. I still want my nicotine fix. You will just notice me as that really uncomfortable looking person smoking.

And butts must be put in the trash. leaving them on the ground is gross too. I loathe smokers and smoking. So even being a smoker I am with Angela TO A POINT. Keep the cigs downwind and on the perimeter.

I get uncomfortable smoking in groups like at the fire works. But the playground not so much.

I mean, HELLO they have the foundry, dow, and who knows what else in that town, I think cigs are the least of your worries in the big picture.
sounds like me when I smoke too! i do everything to avoid smelling like it - but I dont do it that often. I can go weeks w/o a smoke then all of a sudden want one - its funny. Yes I was meaning the type of smokers u stated - some of them even cuss & swear down there in front of the kids like its no big deal! really grow up & act like a parent is what I want to say - but knowing me it will turn into some heated argument ans maybe even a fight - thats something my son doesnt need to see
That equipment is so lame, even my kid isn't overly thrilled with it.

Where is the monkey bars, big swings and slides, merry go round and all the COOL stuff that we had.

The only place you can still find some of it is at the custer playground that is NOT at the big school. but the little one by st mary's.

OBTW, I have no prob smoking at the school playgrounds when it is outside of school or school events. I mean, our parents used to stand right outside the gym during b-ball games and puff down.

And, please tell me you only eat organic locally grown foods/meat/veg/fruit. otherwise your polluting your children way more than cigs with the crap they pass off as food these days.
no organic food here - sorry too much $$$ for that stuff though I do make sure my son gets a balanced meal (fruits & veggies at every meal well no veggies at breakfast) and try to stay away from as much processed food as possible
ya it would be pretty stupid to go down there w/o shoes on, but what about the kid running to the slide who runs past a smoker who is holding their cig out to their side and the kid runs past this person & gets burnt in the eye because where the cig is being held is at eye level to 3/4/5 year olds - and then the kid is blind? ya i know one in a million chance that could happen but I would never want to be the one to see/have it happen...............just a thought. PS I'm not saying to ban smoking down there - just be freaking polite & smoke away fromthe kids & playground equipment
I agree with you, but according to the attacks on me, I understand Disarm to believe that it is never the smokers responsibility when they wave their hand hold the cigarette and burn someone walking by.

Children and others need to be able to read the unintended actions of the smoker waving that hot cigarette.

BW finally cigarettes butts can be thrown on the ground again according to DNRE. The fire danger is over for now.
Good research, Disarm. If government-run health care for all does not get repealed, it will be interesting to see how Uncle Sam will deal with smoking. They already get a lot of money from tobacco taxes/fees, but will they lose that cash cow by trying to ban smoking to get a handle on medical costs attributed to smoking?

I mostly agree with RJE and Disarm, the ability to engage in a legal activity (smoking) in an environment where it has minimal dangers to others (outdoors, public area) may outweigh the repercussions in banning it through the law. Most smokers will politely give you room outdoors; it's the rude ones who may eventually ruin it for them.


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