Correctional Officers In Need of Correction: April 2010

Being a correctional officer is a tough, often thankless job.  Good correctional officers rarely get the recognition of achievement that others who excel in their job, just the grief of having to deal with a bunch of dangerous felons who could seriously injure or kill them if given the opportunity.  For those who go through their career in a professional, accountable manner, we salute you.


Lately, we have been discussing the grievance of an inmate at the Oaks Correctional Facility up north.  I personally know a former CO from that facility who I believe is beyond reproach, he has even hinted at a 'bad situation' leading to his decision to leave there.  I have sent an even-handed letter to that facility about the prisoner's grievance and have received no response over the last month. 


Lately, we have had a new member join who is solidly behind the CO charged with ethical lapses by the inmate, who he has yet to attribute any rights to.  This member has claimed to be a CO himself, and he feels the inmate is lying, and the CO involved is an upstanding CO.  He may very well be right.  The certainty of this member in the innocence of the CO, had me asking why. 


I Googled "Correctional Officer arrested" in Google News and came up with many results.  Here are just a few that came up occuring in April of 2010. 


Walton correctional officer arrested for felony drug possession
April 13, 2010 7:31 PM
Daily News
DeFUNIAK SPRINGS — A Walton County correctional officer was arrested for drug possession Monday.

Justin Ryan Tankersley, 23, a correctional officer at the Walton Correctional Institution, was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance after an officer found one Xanax pill and seven Valium pills in a Dodge truck, according to a report from the DeFuniak Springs Police Department.
Corrections officer arrested for dealing drugs
By Vershal Hogan (Contact) | The Natchez Democrat

Published Wednesday, April 14, 2010

VIDALIA — A Concordia Parish correctional officer was arrested and charged Monday with arranging drug deals while at work.
Ex-Ariz. corrections officer pleads guilty in drug case
by Jolie McCullough - Apr. 21, 2010 06:12 PM
The Arizona Republic .
A former Arizona corrections officer who was accused of trying to give cocaine to an inmate pleaded guilty in a Phoenix federal district court this week, officials said.
Westminster police officer and corrections officer held in kidnap, rape of woman
Police say Det. Anthony Orban is being held in the alleged attack at gunpoint of a woman at Ontario Mills Mall. Jeff Thomas Jelinek, the corrections officer, is accused of being an accessory.
April 06, 2010|By Paloma Esquivel
An off-duty Westminster police detective was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a woman at Ontario Mills Mall and raping her at gunpoint, police said Monday.

A corrections officer from the Chino Institution for Men, who was also arrested in connection with the incident, has been booked on suspicion of carjacking and is being held as an accessory to the crime.
Corrections Officer Arrested
Last Update: 4/13/10 10:07 am  
  In Rensselaer County a corrections officer is under arrest for allegedly threatening someone with a gun.

North Greenbush police arrested 53-year-old Anthony Holston, he's charged with assault and menacing. Police say he assaulted his victim, then allegedly pointed a loaded gun at them.
Schenectady Corrections Officer Arrested
Posted on Tuesday, 13 of April , 2010 at 5:48 pm
SCHENECTADY—Yet another employee of the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office is on the other side of the law.

Corrections officer Ross Lackey,27, has been arrested by Niskayuna police after a woman filed a complaint against him for allegedly striking her, putting her in a strangle hold and taking her cell phone to prevent her from calling for help.

Lackey has been charged with two counts of second degree harassment, a violation; and second degree unlawful imprisonment.
N.J. corrections officer pleads guilty to providing cell phones to Latin Kings inmate
By Sue Epstein
April 12, 2010, 4:17PM

Matt Rainey/The Star-LedgerA photo of the cornerstone of East Jersey State Prison in Woodbridge.WOODBRIDGE -- A corrections officer at East Jersey State Prison in Woodbridge pleaded guilty today in New Brunswick to supplying two cell phones to an inmate who is a member of the Latin Kings street gang.
Federal Corrections Officer Charged After Polk Deputy's Car Sideswiped

Published: Monday, April 19, 2010 at 11:59 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, April 19, 2010 at 11:59 p.m.
A federal corrections officer was charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident after he sideswiped a Polk sheriff's deputy's patrol car on the side of Interstate 4 last week, the Sheriff's Office said Monday.
Female Red Wing prison guard accused of sex crimes with two teen boys
Woman allegedly had relationships with two teen boys
By Frederick Melo
Updated: 04/20/2010 12:00:41 PM CDT
She signed her name Peaches and told him she wanted to be the mother of his baby.

It didn't seem to matter to Suzanne Walstrom that she was a 37-year-old correctional officer and the alleged object of her desire was a 17-year-old inmate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Red Wing.
Milwaukee County corrections officer held for potential sexual assault of a child
April 8, 6:04 PMMilwaukee City Buzz ExaminerTracey Esser

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this past Tuesday, a 34-year-old Milwaukee County corrections officer was arrested due to the suspicion of second-degree sexual assault of a child.
Cops: Fed Jail Guard Was DWI in Wrong-way Parkway Crash

By Timothy Bolger on Apr 19th, 2010

A federal corrections officer from Wheatley Heights was arrested for drunken driving after he drove the wrong way on Wantagh State parkway and crashed head-on into another vehicle early Monday morning, New York State police said.

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Careful you might get banned for that kind of language!
It was a joke Jack*ss no one gets banned here unless who eveer they are get real bent out shape. Try loosening up a little bit, and if you come here every day why don't you try to post once in a great while?
hey stan - try growing up & drop it - I think you just like to hear/see yourself talk - next subject
Consider this a warning. We are very tolerant of free speech rights here at the Ludington Torch, but we do have an expectation of our members to be respectful of each other, and refrain from personal attacks and slander on others. In the terms of service it says it thusly:

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Whereas, this could be interpreted broadly to include some of just about everyone's postings, we would rather have it done so narrowly, only on the more egregious, deliberative instances. I have went through this thread and have found the following attributed to you:

I have actually ran into men like you (Aquaman), you cannot look me in the eye when you talk, for what ever reason you feel threatened when you don't even know who I am

I forgot you are afraid to ever since L.T. laid the smack down on you for being the poor guy who dared to complain for running a stop sign and getting a ticket.

XLFD was the guy who could not stop at a stop sign then raised holy hell because he could not get his way. I think it is a sign of the times when a grown man can't just stand up and say yea I screwed up to heck with it!

I could post under other names but why should I when I can set you up like a large mouth bass every time I post. What did you get bored when you realized I basically put you to bed with out supper? By the way how old are you anyway, I just don't not want to be accused of picking on a minor here by other members.

You are too lazy to do itself because it might cause you some money. Too bad you cannot prove your point, just like Aquaman can't ever get a good job and lives to watch prison movies from the 60's

Aquaman You have no ideal what you are talking about

If you get your jollies by posting provocative and nonsensical drivel like the above, I know the perfect site for you to go to. You can impress them with your 15 years of correctional officer experience there. LOL.
I guess when Aquaman and XLFD make comments to people,it's OK.Looks like a double standard to me.
Dis, you said way back you hated two-faced people. Now you're buddying up to an expert in that field. Better stand back, take a deep breath, and reconsider please. Behrry, your momma and grandma, with whom you still live in your mid-30's, should have told you long ago, treat people the way you want to be treated, don't demand respect on a silver platter, it's got to be earned first, it's a mutual thing, and I don't see you doing that, just the opposite, attack and re-attack, rule with an iron fist, and don't take any prisoners. Is this the kind of new pals you're making now Dis? I had hoped you were much better than this. Your new pal still hasn't given any credence to CO FInk's threats and assaultive behavior accusations, and probably never will. Just attack those whom would be so bold as to ask if it's true. And want truth to prevail.
Behrry, what you and your very close friend fail to see is that the majority of your posts are personal attacks against Masonco, Aquaman, and/or me. If you are going to argue your point, do so in a civil manner, where you use facts or reasoned opinions.

When me and Aquaman make comments we attempt to stay within those parameters. If we fail, please let us know-- but don't consider our comments that disagree with yours as hostile comments. Your mommy and gramma would be awfully proud of you if you could debate fairly with the adults-- now go wish them a Happy Mother's Day.
XLFD,From my very first post on here,you and Aquaman have accused me of being a person named behr.I've tried to explain that I'm not,but you two just keep it up.Even in your last comment,it's still there.It sounds like you and Aquaman can't get over a conflict you had with this person.Also I'm not stan,just because I believe he has more knowledge of the correctional system than the rest of us.There are some members that have a real problem with anyone who doesn't agree with them.They need to just accept the fact that other people have opinions too.So I'm just letting you and Aquaman know. Stop calling me behr or stan.It was uncalled for from the beginning.
I deleted that topic because it had gotten way of course. I had posted it to inform folks about the photocopier situation. And I don't think you have attacked anyone. I also wonder about barry and the way he is accused of being out of line on this forum. I personally haven't seen anything that would give me a reason to doubt his sincerity.
Thank you Disarm and RJE.
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. FROM WIKIPEDIA.

Sound like anyone(s) we know?

Sh1t, I have been gone for days and things get annoying. Gotta say X and AQ tend to get dragged into troll-land rather easily sometimes. But some trolls are so active in their profession they can make ya think they are for real. Watching this thread and analyzing the tit for tat between the peeps here seems to give evidence that stan/barry are only disagreeing in the provacative way they are as to get others po'd.

I tend to think everyone who is here(or on any forum) is a troll unless I know the persons real name(CocoMsu, X, behr and AQ). Or have seen them on forums for a very long time with a large portfolio of posts that can be read to figure out their basic world view(Disarm, masonco, zannie).

Disarm, you say "You may not like or agree with his words, but many of you accused and villified him without showing so much as a shred of evidence as to your accusations" (i am only picking this up bcuz it is right below the text box and easy to copy/paste btw), But doesn't that apply both ways?

Both groups are disagreeing, but niether has or CAN provide any thing to back up their OPINIONS because they are only opinions. Although didn't X call oakes or already put foia to them. I belieive so, has stan done anything but be provacative?

I think stan and barry are trolls and only here to cause upset.

I have no doubt I disagree with X and AQ on many things, yet, I want to here their opinions and then put mine out there and I am known to argue until I am blue in the face and your eyes glaze over but, I bet the arguement would be INTERESTING to the reader,(until their eyes glaze over from boredom) that's the whole point isn't it.. But this thread has turned into annoying drivel. and there are no facts to be had because its all opinions.
sometimes I end up feeding a troll, they are such wiley little critters. but yeah, I know what ya mean.

Are they just trolls, hard to say i guess.

Sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it right? That is what I can't figure about them, if it is saying it poorly, or just being a jerk on purpose. idk, time will tell I guess.


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