Does anyone out there have or know of someone that has a metal detector I could borrow?  My son supposedly lost his glasses out in the snow yesterday at daycare and now they cannot find them.  They went out and looked a few times  & I also went and looked with no luck.  I am thinking they may have gotten broken & he buried them in the snow, but who knows?  All I know is I am not happy because she wasn't suppose to let him play out with them on anyways - and she did- and now they are gone......... and I dont have $170 for new ones (hopefully she does though if they arent found soon)

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I will check on a metal detector I got a while ago from an older friend, who wasn't healthy enough to get around to use it. It is stuffed in back of my closet, and I have never tested it. Send me a message Ang, if you still need it the next time you come around the Torch. If your glasses don't have a metal frame, and just metal screws, it might not be able to detect them, as it is a low-end model.
the frame is metal but it's that flexible material so I don't know how much metal really is in it. The (X) daycare lady said she has a friend that is bringing a metal detector over on Friday - so thanks for looking for me - but I'm gonna leave it up to her to find them. She was suppose to be watching my son & the responsible adult -I tell her every time I take him over there (2x a week) to take his glasses off if he goes outside - well I guess that was only done one time. Needless to say with this issue & other issues I discovered about that place - he won't be going back there - and she said if she didn't find them by friday she would pay for a new set (thats after I told her I would take her to small claims court. So the issue should be resolved - thanks for the help though! :)
X is your daycare lady? Sorry I stopped reading after that.
no she is the x-daycare lady now.................was his daycare til tuesday
Til Tuesday--- I loved their big hit "Voices Carry". Going to put that on my page if I can get it.
Does X have an opening now in his daycare business?
Just goofing!
I haven't been able to find my kids glasses for months, I am thinking they will turn up someday, she can live without them until then, I was supposed to wear glasses at her age and never did and my eyes came out fine, I keep telling her to practice her focusing and the issue should clear up, I never let her wear them anywear other than school or when reading at home. We play a game when driving to see who can read signs first and she is only a pinch behind me and I think it is because I know what they are going to say from instinct where she can't read them until we can both see the words and letters. She can see the TV just fine so I wonder how much she really needs them. Her glasses and appt were only $110 at walmart and there was no way I was buying her those cool bendy ones first time out. I knew she'd lose them quick enough.

Her snowpants have been missing for weeks.
I gave her my snowboard pants to wear but since they are black she don't want to wear them and then complains she has to stay on the sidewalk and no other kids will stay and play at recess. well to bad for her. Mine fit her and she can wear those or be bored. She is getting so big, I think she'll outgrow me by the end of next school year. (yea! I am to short and have to have everything shortened.

If anyone is a psychic and can tell me where these items are I would be really happy.
Pappy told me as I have also witnessed, any and all things valuable or not, that get lost in the snow, get directly sucked underground, and wind up way way down at the City of Atlantis, as part of the Aqua peoples treasury. Then aqualad and other volunteers cash them in at the Lions Club aboveground. The Lions have a large assortment of glasses that are donated and can suffice for replacements in an emergency. See?
ahhh...I see. That's a good idea as I know hers are here in the house *somewhere*.
For anyone in need of glasses to see with, the LIons Club has and will have an assortment of donated/obsolete/good and bad repair glasses to see where you are going, for free. It's a nice club that does alot for the community, and this, is just one of their specialities. Thanks. Go Lions, not NFL, that's for the Packers like me fans. Ha!
thanks guys! He will be getting glasses soon - if they arent fond by friday she will be buying him new ones, so he can w/o them for a week - but he really does need them has bad astigmatism for his age (from his dad) and the glasses have really helped him focus on his finer motor skills like coloring & cutting,
Awww.. that's too bad about astigmatism. Did the Doc say he would outgrow it? My doc said she might outgrow it(the astigmatism) as most kids have it and it usually goes away as they get older.
I'd be curious to know who the Dr. is? There is one local that has alot of money and a great looking building, that's a total fraud, imho.


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