This appeared in the Ludington Daily New's editorial page on Friday 7-9-2010, in the letters from our readers:


There is a difference between hypocrisy and corruption, though both are quite often room-mates, hold hands.  Both are, to put it mildly, extremely distasteful.  There is also a huge difference between a private life privacy and a double life.  As not a few will have to face at the very least in Ludington, like it or not.  More than a few have employed strategic distractions in the hope that "the elephants in the living room won't have to be dealt with."


"Whoever has even once become notorious be base fraud, even if he speaks the truth, gains no belief."


The "Girls Gone Wild" is but one of many distractions, for many who hope it works.  Repeat after me:  Rod Blagojevich, media blitz, FBI trial.


---------------------------------------------------------------- Donna Baardsen, Ludington


This bit of prosaic poetry seems to be trying to assert something, but what?  Why did the LDN decide to run with it, and just who is this author, and what motivates her to write such a piece?

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Has the LDN editorial staff had too much Kool Aid to drink? Why would they make space for something so odd and not of general interest? The writer obviously has an ulterior motive, but I have no patience reading and trying to interpret something like this. If she can't state her case, then she might as well not say anything.
It was right alongside an appeal to keep the "Wilson Hill Park" name up in Hamlin, and seemed too "out there" to have been run in the paper. Could have been a dearth of reader's letters to print, but it still seems to insinuate something about the city leaders who made a big ado about the GGW visit, the biggest of which was my good friend LPD Chief Barnett. It piqued my interest, but I don't know the author at all or her motives.
I never heard the name Baardsen in Mason County in my life. An implant from the big city most likely, trying to get notoriety from the victorian era crowd. Good poetry misplaced and long since outdated thinking if you ask me.
What are the distractions distracting from is what I ask, as it seems most know the truths and just don't care.
Ah ha, good research there Al. I thought that poetry sounded distantly familiar, plagerism is not a virtue by Baardsen either.
I also saw the letter in the LDN and scratched my head after reading it several times. The only thing this letter has accomplished is to inspire a discussion about LDN printing nonsensical obscurities. If the reason for the letter was to inform the public about pertinent information then the letter failed to accomplished what it was intended to do. Teh LDN wloud hvae dnoe bteter to jsut hvae lfet it out.
Just so you know-- Donna Baardsen is not Crazy Edie Lindsey. I do admire her for getting this published in the paper though, and maybe someday we'll learn what she alludes to.


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