This stupid drunk is allergic to Accountability and Transparency!

Although, his stupid ass can serve it up every weekday in his daytime job, It's night time that sucks!

He is so allergic to accountability that the police officer's in Grand Rapids,MI have a Hotline just for him! They know him by his first name,"CRASH!" They know him well from his drunk driving habits and crashes. And, more recently from a drunk driving accident that almost killed a man. Officer's just couldn't cover up the shit stink fast enough. As hard as the officers tried the corruption just kept soiling back through like a full diaper with a hole in it. After countless efforts of corruption to avoid getting an allergic reaction the Judge has now offered to play Doctor. Former Assistant Kent County Prosecutor Josh Kuiper will still stand trial for a November car crash, despite efforts to get the case thrown out.

The charges, including reckless driving causing serious injury and a moving violation causing serious injury, stem from Kuiper’s Nov. 19 wrong-way, head-on crash on Union Avenue SE that injured a Grand Rapids man.

Friday, defense attorney Craig Haehnel argued that the man hit in that crash, Daniel Empson, didn’t suffer injuries severe enough to justify the charge that will be argued in front of a jury.

The charge includes verbiage that states the prosecution must prove “loss of use” of a limb to prove Kuiper’s actions caused serious injury.

In this case, Empson and a doctor testified at a March preliminary exam they he suffered a fractured shoulder.

Haehnel argued in front of Kent County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Rossi Friday afternoon that the hairline fracture and recovery did not completely limit Empson from using his arm, and therefore, the case should be sent back to district court.

Judge Joe Rossi did not agree with Haehnel’s argument, and denied the motion. The defense now has the opportunity to appeal.

A date has yet to be set for the trial.
GRPD lieutenant fired after ex-prosecutor crash

Josh Kuiper
Police conversation not part of civil suit against ex-prosecutor

GR refutes claim it illegally recorded police conversations

Judge: Josh Kuiper’s case will move forward!!

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Your right John. He has a problem accepting responsibility for his actions. He should be fired and sent packing. What a terrible example for the prosecutors office to display.  While they try to convict everyone else of criminal actions this good for nothing is trying to squirm out of his misdeeds instead of taking his punishment like a man.


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