After enduring some more of the site creator's ridiculous diatribes that made little sense, I have been released from Lakeshore Soup (no reason given, of course). Just in time for Martin Luther King Day. I am tingly all over on my emancipation by the little dictator (emphasis on the three syllables after "the").

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Aquaman, it sounds a lot like me! Well, maybe not the dignified part.
What is the web adress for the "soup"? I would like to check it out and see what all the fuss is about.
You can go there via:

Most of the bad feelings is in the past as far as the fussin', but go ahead and have a look. You will have to sign up and wait to be vetted before you can see what you are actually getting yourself into. Let us know your impressions, RJE.
More like HOT to Tweet for you Ms. Edie, I would say.
He he
Thanks XLFD. I didn't sign up because I couldn't check out the site first. What does GLBT stand for? On the sign in window at "Soup" it says "GLBT folk are welcome."
GLBT is an abbreviation standing for Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender, basically any non-heterosexual way of life.

Frankly, I think when you single a group out like that for welcoming, you risk alienating all others unlike that. Just imagine if a site advertised their site by saying "white folk are welcome".
Sorry, I'm a bit old fashioned, now, you're making me take a PUKE! Iwanna keep that Vodka down too, at least this time of my life. Dumpty-Humpty has no way to get into my life, and never will! What does ning think about those stocking stuffers?


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