After enduring some more of the site creator's ridiculous diatribes that made little sense, I have been released from Lakeshore Soup (no reason given, of course). Just in time for Martin Luther King Day. I am tingly all over on my emancipation by the little dictator (emphasis on the three syllables after "the").

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Consider this your pentence, for being true to your colors, and, another torn and ripped page continuing on with "the little dictators demise" . Welcome to the TORCH of freedom, already in the final playoffs, while muddy waters go down the preverbial drain. HARR! BTW, your posting clock is off by one hour ahead of EDT. But, you are futuristic anyhow. LOL, ROFL, PMP, et. al.
I noticed that about the posting clock too-- it just goes to show that we are ahead of our time. Maybe it will correct itself when the next time change in spring comes along. Here we are in the playoffs, and I haven't even dusted off my cleats yet.
I'm starting to think we should start a club for the former member's of the Soup.. lol.

I suppose though that you probably saw the writing on the wall over yonder. If he keeps banning or chasing people off he isn't going to have anyone left to post other then 4 or 5 regulars. I guess its a good thing he doesn't own a business or else he'd be looking for a bail out... haha. Ah well, he can as Max said run his site however way he wants... we'll just sit back and enjoy the demise if he continues on his current path.
Duh mice?.............................Rolls eyes,............................sleep walkin?................ugh
wow, so who do they have left over there? Behr, Casey. Cindy & Z? that out to make for some interesting conversation!
Wonder what they will talk about when they get bored with talking about us? lol
I'm just waiting for Behr to publicly defame me like he has Guido, Angela, and Aquaman-- he still maintains they have all threatened other people's lives while on LS, among other assertions. An earlier oath of loyalty prohibited me from vamoosing when he changed the focus, but his dismissal freed me from being associated with that site. I hadn't put up any original content there since the change; I felt like Glen Beck must have felt when he was over at MSNBC, LOL.

Dave, that is an interesting question, but unfortunately your post and this thread give them ammunition to say the same about us. But you did give me an idea...
I accepted the invite to join ex-soupers, and have started our first discussion. Questions will be asked and experiences shared.
As far as the question I asked goes, hopefully we'll find things to talk about and with the way the state of our government is, i'm sure there will be plenty of things. In other words, we'll have many more topics to choose from with any luck :-)
Sure is. Nationally there is Health care, the Massachusetts election; locally there is the wind farm controversy, and public official misdeeds. I'm going to be working hard over the next few weeks, start some threads raise some points and make me overwhelmed when I check in.
Well I am still on the Soup.So too am I on Ludington Talks and now on the Torch. While there are some people on all three that I don't agree with or really like for that matter, I don't sulk off and start a new ning site everytime my ideas are critiqued and cut down, I deal with it as should everyone. And believe me, eventually this site too will wear out its welcome when the list of rules grow. No matter what the ning creator says about all the freedoms that he/she is allowing us, they will get a God-like complex and eventually everyone will grow to resent them.
You may be right, most forums end up going thru cycles where there are lots of members posting to times when hardly anyone post. I have hopes that in time this forum can attract a half way decent following. A few things I think it has going for it would be that X has more freedom as far as the rules go. That is one thing that Ludington Talks has to tread carefully.. being they are literally the local news source for Ludington and really Mason county, they got to be careful about stepping on toes. Also, X welcomes anyone to post here. This will not be a conservative or liberal only site. Anyone that has something to say can say it here.

There might some time when some rules might have to be added or changed when situations arise. Hopefully though that any change in rules comes as a last resort as opposed to knee jerk reaction. As long as the members here are respectful and debate with vigor and mutual respect, we can have an enjoyable site for all.


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