After enduring some more of the site creator's ridiculous diatribes that made little sense, I have been released from Lakeshore Soup (no reason given, of course). Just in time for Martin Luther King Day. I am tingly all over on my emancipation by the little dictator (emphasis on the three syllables after "the").

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I have great faith and support for X. His particular type is not on any other forums that I've visited, nor will his like come again soon perhaps. Enjoy it while we have an administrator with this kind of common sense, vigor, humor, temperance, and look to the future. That reminds me gotta get that clock fixed pal. Har
You and Dave are only going to push me closer to godhood with your praise: )

Thanks for pushing this site to the brink, guys; )
Good point, Youhadme, and I hope that when I do suffer from a godlike complex, someone will take me down some notches. The rules do not have to grow, and I consider myself a strict constructionist as far as any goverNing body is concerned. Will I go bad someday? Maybe. Will our site suffer because of minimal rules? Maybe. Will people eventually grow to resent me? Of course, if you're not already there.

While some had critiqued me and cut me down at the other site, I stayed with that site; the Torch was created to provide what the other sites could not offer-- basic economics state that there is a need for an independent site that allows independent and partisan voices to express themselves within reason. This site currently strives for these goals.
I'll take you down if your head gets too big!! hahah no I love the fact that this site was created, we don't need a dictator in this world when things are already too messed up
We have enough dictators in this world. We need more anti-dictators, like yourself, to compensate for that fact.

I may have created this site, and administrate it, but I will try my damndest to be 'just another member'.
I think for the most part that that philosophy is a good one to go by... just be a poster and if there is a time that you need to law down the law so to speak or need to make announcements of some sort then ya do so, after you just go back to being a poster. If I was going to do a forum, i'd probably try to do it the same way.
10-4 Angela, you said it well. Dictators don't belong on these talksites at ALL! Right BEHR gone Wild?
"Here sir, the people govern."

--Alexander Hamilton, NY Ratifying Convention.
I considered joining that other site shortly after I joined Lud. Talks, but when I saw that Zannie was a co-administrator and read some postings of its creator, I stayed away. Glad I did, a look at it nowadays shows how extreme and exclusive they are
It's a shame that they have taken the route over there that they have. Besides limiting the amount of people that are going to be interested in posting there, it makes them appear to be not real open minded about things. The biggest issue we have in Washington these days is so many on the left and the right are so pig headed that they are unwilling to work with people from the other party. It seems that the mind set starts in the rural areas and goes right up to Washington. Oh well, we're lucky that we at least have a few sites that are more flexible to post on.
That's the TORCH for ya, rugged, dignified, significant, true to life, sporty, fashionable, economical, and mostly, just HOT to trot.
Well said Aqua!


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