Ladies, I just read an article on about a provision in the new health care law requiring companies with over 50 employees to provide a
private room for breastfeeding moms who need to pump during the workday.

Since I was a breastfeeding mom, I think it's about time women had some consideration from their employers in this matter. Being
banished to a public restroom for pumping breast milk is absolutely
disgusting and unacceptable. What do you think?

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So you think employers should pay for the expense of providing a special room for breast feeding women? Why do you think they are a privileged group? This all goes back to one group of people thinking they deserve preferential treatment and that someone else should foot the bill for their demands.
I agree RJE.

Employers provide this, employers provide that. How about people learn to provide for themselves.

If they need to pump that bad then buy a car, put an inverter in to run 110V electric or find a 12V breast pump. Get some wet wipes or a camp water jug for cleanup. Start your car for heating and cooling needs. If an employee isn't creative enough to find a way to take care of themselves I definitely don't want them working for me. I like ingenuity. I don't care if it's african, but one way or another figure it out for yourself.

Next thing we know every business will have an acre of little rooms for everylittle 'personal' choice people make about there lives.
PS, it's no wonder we can't compete with China and India.
Whereas I do believe in the intent of this law, and support mothers so inclined to do breastfeeding, I do think it is an unnecessary burden on private employers to enact such legislation. There are many employers of over 50 people whose work area limitations would make such law costly, impractical, or unfeasible. Need we build special rooms in planes, ships, trains and buses? What about agricultural workers or those occupations with few or no women of child-bearing age working for them?

And where do we stop? Do employers need to provide a private room for sex addicts to attend to their problem during their breaks? Why not mandate a private room to change from your bicycle gear into your work clothes? I would have loved that at most of my jobs growing up.

Broom closets and bathrooms are uncomfortable and sometimes nasty, but if you are a breastfeeding mother, sex addict, or bicyclist take these issues up with your employer.
I support the breast feeding movement and women as well. I would rather see them sit at their desk somewhere in public and just drape a nice piece of fabric over them than to see employers put out because of it..

The problem here on earth is that most humans cannot or will not accept the fact that babies were meant to drink breast milk. Breasts were meant to produce the milk, and it's completely unnatural to stick a baby under a cow/goat to feed from the animals teets. So why use a bottle.

Although I did bottle feed along with breast for the first three or four months, then quit the breast feeding once I got the milk production under control. I had never intended to breast feed at all until my boobs tripled in size and started leaking about 4 days after my daughter was born. And it was so easy in the middle of the night. I could bring her into bed and fall back asleep within minutes, unlike the bottle where I had to get up and fix it for her. Then I woke up one night with my arm right over her nose and her pushing it off. She slept in her crib after that; and at that point she was sleeping through the night anyway. What I don't get is why someone would pump there breasts, seems like more of a pain than anything. I did start her off as a vegan with soy formula, she never had the regular kind.
Hey, what about one of these shower tents, that would give privacy.
Funny, Sheila! :-)

I honestly didn't expect so many negative comments. Anything regarding a healthy lifestyle is near and dear to my heart. If this makes me too liberal, then so be it. I'll make a quick rebuttal and end this discussion. I don't see breastfeeding moms as a privileged group; however, I think their infants are privileged to have moms who are trying to give their babies the best start in life from a nutritional and emotional standpoint. Breastfeeding also saves lots of money (formula isn't cheap). It's an easy process if you are a stay-at home mom, but not so easy if you must juggle being a new mom with working full time. My employer provides such space (has ever since I've worked for the company), and the young moms are grateful for this support. In turn, they are more loyal employees.
OK. I'm going to say something that will rile some liberals. If a mother wanted to give her baby the best start in life she would stay home and raise the child. If she couldn't stay home because of finances and has to work then she should not be having a baby that someone else will be raising.
I hope you're not labeling me as a liberal, RJE. Labels make me cringe. For the record, I stayed home to raise my children years ago. It was a financial juggling act, but I would do the same again. But it's a different era now, and women work and raise children very successfully with the help of some very wonderful mates who are happy to share the child-rearing experience. Why shouldn't women have the same opportunities as men in the workplace? And why shouldn't they, with their spouses, make the decision to have children in a responsible manner? You seem to lump all women into the same "little mommy" category, but what about women physicians, for instance? After four years of medical school, internship, residency and fellowship, are they left with the choice - practice medicine or raise a child? The ticking biological clock is a real phenomenon. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree here, but you sure did get my dander up! Have a good day!
You use the term " liberal" before I mentioned it. And It doesn't matter if it's mom or dad who stays home to raise the children. I wasn't discussing oppurtunities for women, I was discussing what is best for the child. If a person goes to medical school and prefers to work instead of staying home to raise a child then that tells me that this persons first priority is themselves and not the child. That is of course if neither parent stays home to raise the child. My neighbors are both professionals in the education field. They could easily live on one income but they both work and as a result have institionalize their child in day care since birth. Having a child because your clock is running down is not a good reason to have a child. I'm wondering what your term "little mommy" means.
I think both of you raise excellent points, and show why this is a very debatable issue, because it segues into another issue. We should all want whats best for the children, but is that accomplished by getting more money with two paychecks, or having someone stay home and raise them properly?
It's not so black and white, X. You're implying that if both parents work, they can't do a proper job of raising their child/children. Thanks for your perspective, though, and for assuming your role as mediator, something you are very good at, BTW.


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