IMO it is okay.

I have told them:

No he is on vacation in the Caribbean (for two months) try back then {well is there someone else there who makes decisions on __xyz__} no, sorry, he's the only one.

DH has told them dad and I have been deported. some are obviously not buying that one, others end up speechless.

I tell them to call back later he isn't here right now, even if he's standing next to me {well when will he be in}, I don't know, he's in and out all day (sort of true).

If they ask who they need to speak with I tell them whatever name pops in my head at the time, once I used my deceased grandpa's name (who used to be owner) that confused me when they called back as I had forgot about it. oopsy.

Some of them hang up on me immediately when I say he is not here.

Some I hust say not interested, but some call over and over.

Some I tell I am the gatekeeper and they must tell me what they want first then if I think he is interested I will pass it on(which is pretty accurate really, I think most secretaries are the gatekeepers to their bosses).

I have caller ID so I can usually tell if it's a telemarketer. I really feel for them having such a horrible job to do and really hope they get paid by the hour and not the sale.

But, I don't have the time or interest in dealing with the 5-ish calls a day.

What is the easiest most polite way to get them off the phone?
How do you avoid/get rid of telemarketers?

I am seriously considering a automated (press 1 for xyz) type answering system so I don't have to put as much effort into dealing with these calls.

And yes, we are on the do not call registry.

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Sheila, I haven't got the gizmo in front of me right now, but there is a product you can buy, maybe on ebay? to thwart these unwanted calls. It simply plugs into your phone line in a few seconds. The gizmo recognizes the caller as a computer generated call, and immediately sends a message back that your phone# is disconnected. It was a "as seen on TV" type product. My old supplier no longer can find them to buy, so they may be discontinued? But by golly if you can find one for the $20 or so price, you have yourself a great tool to stop those annoying calls. They usually remove your # for future solicitations. Here's another idea, just say you filed for bankruptcy, and ask them if they still want to sell you something, cause you'll surely take some right away, cause you aren't paying for them later anyhow. The State of Mich. also has a service to stop unwanted calls, you sign up for it and pay maybe $5/yr.. Verizon should be able to direct you, or perhaps the sheriff's office. Good luck, these pests are read aholes.
Another idea they gave me was to get all the info. on the company, it's address, phone#, email, and person calling. Then report to the FCC in DC as a nuisance caller for fines of $500-5,000 per call for interrupting your privacy without your permission. If you are signing up for anything to get something for free or a coupon offering, stop signing up for them, or give a phony phone#. If you see offers for free caribbean cruises, free anything, don't fall for the tricks, they use your info. to start telemarketing you to death. Good luck.
I hate telemarketers and I certainly do not feel sorry for them. We were forced to give up our land line because we had so many of them calling or leaving messages. Our voice mail would be full and we were forced to check all the messages to see if any family or freinds had called. Telemarketers are a scourge. My advice is to disconnect your land line. We pulled the plug 3 years ago and now use cell phones only and have not missed Ma Bell one bit.
A while back there was a prank phone call where a telemarketer was calling a person and the person that answers starts asking the telemarketer how he knew the person and stuff, finally telling the telemarketer that the person being called is dead and they are the cops trying to do an investigation and start asking the telemarketer for his contact info... it was quite funny.. if I can find it on Youtube i'll try to post it.
Here ya go... there is a little bit of salty language in it, nothing overly bad though. It was originally on the Bob & Tom Show at some point as you'll notice from Bob & Tom talking at the beginning. Hopefully you all enjoy it as much I did.....

Hilarious stuff, Dave.


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