A poster over there started a thread about a cat that seems to be able to sense when death is near in patients at a nursing home. Shoreline apparently yanked it because in their words, it had nothing to do with Ludington and contained copyrighted material. A majority of the topics there contain copyrighted material and have little or nothing to do with Ludington. It just seems odd they would single out a thread about a cat instead of some of the more volitale topics.

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I posted on that thread. I thought it was a rather nice topic.
I found that very strange as well. There are a lot of topics there too that aren't necessarily about Ludington.
That was me. Now I have been suspended from LT. I sent a response to Andy asking about it first and giving a short lecture on how to properly cite others content, commented on how most topics contain other content and have nothing to do with Ludington, and a bit about targeting a large audience by having a variety of topics that will cater to many different readers ideas and interests and by having that that it would be the best way to keep a large readership. And that I think Andy there hates animals cuz lots of posts about animals get deleted. I can't get into my account to pull up a copy of it or I would post it and the reply. I also said they should check here or the soup to see what unedited forums look like.

The I went to the forum and commented on a couple of threads that "this has nothing to do with Ludington".

I got a reply from someone at LT who did not even give me their name saying that whenever a post is "reported" that they check it out and decide what sort of action to take. They also stated that I am under the mistaken assumption that only one person runs the forum, they are sorry I disagree.

I again responded that if someone reported my thread that I at least deserved to know what the issue was that it was reported for. I also said I should like to know who from LT I was speaking with regarding the whole thing.
And asked that if it was due to copyright off topic why my nearly identical dogs in afganistan post was still on the forum.

The next time I went to go to LT I got a message saying my account was suspended.
Did they say how long you were suspended for? It sounds like they didn't even say exactly what the suspension was for.
No, when I went to the page it just had a message box there that said something like........." you have been suspended from this site, if you wish to contact the admin of this site " and there was a text box. It looked automated. No One replied to my 2nd message, Just the auto message saying i was suspended,. So who knows, whenever they feel like letting me back I guess.
Wow, that's real classy.
When I was there as Ash Wholesome, I was 'suspended', but for a short time. I was able to sign in, look at anything, but could not add any content. A few days later I was unsuspended, but then I added a thread about an 86 y.o. woman getting hit by a car crossing James St, and questioned why didn't the car get a citation at least for not exercising due caution for a woman who was at least 7 ft into the road-- supplemented some rants about the City raising a variety of fees drastically, undemocratically nominated the City Treasurer less than a week after the election, etc. For some reason, it was not well received by SM and I was out.

If you got the message box, you're likely out for good; and if not, you will lose all your past content, which kinda sucks.
I posted a message saying that I love cats and have adopted four cats from shelters. Ludington has Lakeshore Animal Friends, your local animal shelter. Ludington also has nursing homes that could benefit from animal therapy. Whoever said your topic was not about Ludington was not really thinking outside the box. I thought your discussion was a welcome retreat from all the political bashing that goes on at LT.
What, LT has political bashing? Where? Got ya! I did see the what happened to Sheila's post and commented over there too. Maybe X needs to also start a Talks Rehab sector on this site, I would be interested, and it also would keep it off the main page, limited to members only. How bout that X? Make sure some Honorary members may get voted in too please.
All I know and have opinion to is this: if Sheila got banned for this, without some repeal and probation for what was totally accidental, I pity the SMLT forum. Did not the Z person actually attack with name calling, labeling peeps, and libelous slanders on others, then get reinstated, not just once, but twice now? You can post your Kitty Kat thread over here S, at least I hope so.
I was suspended, not banned, so I guess that is probation. idk, it's so stupid.

I guess at LT the first screen you see should say "No Back Talk to the admins children."
or you'll get put in the corner for a time out!


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