A poster over there started a thread about a cat that seems to be able to sense when death is near in patients at a nursing home. Shoreline apparently yanked it because in their words, it had nothing to do with Ludington and contained copyrighted material. A majority of the topics there contain copyrighted material and have little or nothing to do with Ludington. It just seems odd they would single out a thread about a cat instead of some of the more volitale topics.

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Your complaint is quite valid Sheila, IMHO. Perhaps the price of being an administrator is a certain loss of objectivity, and a thin skin. Interesting; yet this has been a problem at LT for some time, I'm afraid.
'I guess at LT the first screen you see should say "No Back Talk to the admins children."'

That's pretty funny Sheila, but true.
That's not a bad idea, Aq. Heaven knows we have a few who have been banned from Ludington Talks, some repeatedly (those things that look like horns is a halo). Discussing such behavior as SM's latest experiments may best be done in private, to prevent repercussions, establish facts, and calm public discourse. My e-engineers will have to work overtime to construct the clubhouse, but it shall be done.
10-4, good administrator, and MAN! Which is more than I can say for some Winnnnnies out der! Koolaid goggles lookin ya in the EYE! And below too! Ooooops.
Do I have to get myself banned to be able to join the group?
No, if you have had significant content removed, or a nasty message from SM, you could also be considered. Also, if you have a propensity to show your backside occasionally to SM, figuratively, you can be considered. Aq hasn't been banned, but I know a lot of his posts have been removed, and he has defiantly remained himself in controversial threads.
Ok I may not qualify then. I don't think I have ever had any posts removed to my knowledge anyhow. I've never gotten a nasty gram from them either but hey, the night is young.
Me, neither, Max. Maybe we should form a group called "LT Survivors." But then we'd have nothing to talk about.


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