It seems Johnny boy is not only a liar, he's a scumbag too. While we all know of his lies in regards to denying the affair he had, its come to light in the last few days that there is a sex tape of him and I am  assuming the woman he had the affair with. There is some suggestion that it could possibly be even a different woman due to the idea that the tape apparently features a woman that was as its been put "obviously pregnant". Edwards girlfriend was pregnant at one point but its been suggested that the time frame that the video was supposedly shot doesn't match up with the time she was pregnant. On the other hand, the girlfriend has come out looking to get rights to the tape. Whatever the case, Edwards is an idiot and deserves all the bad karma he's gotten and will continue to get. What kind of a guy has an affair while is wife is home with terminal cancer and adds insult to injury be taping the sex? Calling him a scumbag is probably being to nice.

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Quite correct Dave, Johnny boy is pretty much done in the political arena for the future, and no doubt, his marriage and family is also finished. And he has a new LUV CHILD now I hear too. All in all, he's washed up, except for the huge attorneys fees and child support he'll be paying out for decades to come. No bad karma about it, he made his bed, so to speak, now it's time to pay the piper, and sleep in his bed.
First Tiger, now Edwards. I certainly feel for his lovely wife.

Men, what possesses celebrity males to act in this manner? What possesses any man to hurt his wife in this manner?
Quite right Mary, esp. men with very good and decent wives, young kids looking on, with so much for these celebs. to lose, it's pathetic greed, lust, and more money than they know what to do with is all I can figure.
And let's not forget that two-timing Republican South Carolina(?) politician who had it bad for that South American honey. Mr. Tebby Behr, I hope you noticed that dig I just took at the repugs and their so-called family values. LOL.
You've got guts kid, and sound out the truth too. Bluto's of the world are preoccupied elsewhere in lalaland. R & D's, Not research and development in negative motion these days, NOT working to resolve the publics unfinished business, stop unsavory endless wars, rebuild the infrastructure for safety/future, follow the constitution's wishes, respect our bill of rights, with less taxation, spend Trillions$$$ on bailouts for criminal behaviorsism, all this and much more, seem sidelined for the personal circus's of the politicos. Shame, our forefathers would never approve. Btw, didn't he join that HONEY and leave all else behind? Or is he still around now? Pathetic leaders doomig the future.
You're so right. I always expected those who represent me to be above reproach, but more and more of them are caught with their pants down. What gives with these people? No wonder our country is in such a state. Are they all too busy planning their next video shoot or the subsequent cover up of their indiscretions?

Now, men, don't take this the wrong way, but maybe our country would be better off if women ran things ... LOL
"Now, men, don't take this the wrong way, but maybe our country would be better off if women ran things ... LOL"

This may be a bad joke, especially in today's politically correct world, but I have heard that the reason why women do not run things is because they would take us to war every 28 days. :-)
Ha ha!
Max, you're lucky you're in NM. Particularly since you'd see how true that is in about two weeks from me. LOL.
Yeah I'm lucky in this case, but believe it or not I manage to get myself into trouble here too!
"I don't give a shmuck who your screwin' in private, I wanna know who your screwin' in public."

Michael Franti

Please listen all the way through to see the main relation to this thread. Read along with the lyrics if ya need to. I prefer the studio version to this accoustic but its still a very good song.

This does have a couple of cuss words so i wouldn't listen to it at work.

from 2001 stay human album

Lyrics to Oh My God :
Oh my, oh my God
out here mama they got us livin’ suicide
singin’ oh my, oh my God
out here mama they got us livin’ genocide

Slam bam I come unseen
but like gasoline you tell I’m in the tank
like money in the bank
I smell appealing, but I’m toxic, can send you reeling
without an inklin’, keep ya thinkin’
‘cause you gave cash to the feds, left your school district for dead
f***ed you up in the head, but still they sayin’ nothin’s wrong
still believing the systems workin’
while half of my people are still out of workin’
anonymous notesleft in the pockets and coats
of judges and juries from ‘Frisco and Jersey
threats and protests politicians mob debts
trumped up charges and phony arrests
stage a lethal injection, the night before the election
‘cause he got donations from the prison guard’s union

Listen to my stethoscope on a rope
internal lullabies, human cries
thumps and silence, the language and violence
algorithmic, cataclysmic, seismic, biorhythmic
you can make a life longer, but you can’t save it
you can make a clone and then you try to enslave it?
stealin’ DNA samples from the unborn
and then you comin’ after us
‘cause we sampled a James Brown horn?
scientists who’s God is progress
a four-headed sheep is their latest project
the CIA runin’ like that Jones from Indiana
but they still won’t talk about that Jones in Guyana
this ain’t no cartoon, no one slips on bananas
do you really think that that car killed Diana
hell I shot Ronald Regan, I shot JFK

I slept with Marilyn she sung me “Happy Birthday”

Well politicians got lipstick on the collar
the whole media started to holler
but I don’t give a f*** who they screwin’ in private
I wanna know who they screwin’ in public
robbin’, cheatin’, stealin’
white collar criminal
McDonald eatin, you deserve a beatin’
send you home a weepin’, with a fat bill for your Caribbean weekend
for just about anything they can bust us
false advertising sayin’ “Halls of Justice”
you tellin’ the youth don’t be so violent
then you drop bombs on every single continent
mandatory minimum sentencin’
‘cause he got caught with a pocket full of medicine
do that again another ten up in the pen
I feel so mad I wanna bomb an institution
[ Oh My God Lyrics on ]
Kickbutt lyrics and attitude-- get the .mp3 version and put it on your homepage.


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