I probably wouldn't bet money on him showing up but gotta love it when he in particular is made to look like the fool that he is.... which of course isn't to hard to do anyway

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Thanks for sharing that Dave. It shows how monochrome that organization is.
So where were these concerned citizens of the Tea Party when GWB was racking up 11+ Trillion in debts.....? Face facts GOP, YOU LOST !
The public unrest was there when Bush and the Democratic congress were spending tax money foolishly, a policy previous Republican congresses were guilty of too. A tipping point was reached when this administration vowed to continue policies that would cripple our childrens' futures, and stunt the capitalistic system that has worked well for us over the years, with minor tweaking.

While Tea Party members are made up of disaffected Republicans, their ranks include independents, Libertarians and disaffected Liberals too. To equate them with Republicans being upset over losing the last presidential election is a logical fallacy.
Yeah, the GOP lost in the last few elections (presidential and midterms) and i'd doubt they learned anything. If things keep going the way they are, the GOP will probably regain a number of seats in congress.. possibly even enough to at least get control of the house or the senate. If they were to regain at least some control, I see them continuing the same stupidity that has screwed Washington up for years.

But that is neither here or there.

This thread is in regards to Keith Olberman being a dope... calling out the tea party for being diverse when his own organization isn't exactly living up to the diversity thing.

You can hate the GOP all you want... i'm sure you have your reasons to do so. I'm pretty much fed up with almost all of the members of congress anymore... GOP or democrat. There are few I support these days and even them I have to wonder if they are worth re-electing.
Very good video Dave! I have been to several Tea Parties, and I am amazed that some say there are no blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or other minorities at them. There are young people at them too. To say there aren't shows that you've never been to one. Oh, and I've talked to a few Democrats at Tea Parties also.
That's kind of the impression i've gotten, people that say that the tea parties are this or that, usually have never been to a tea party. So far I can't say that i've been to one but at some point will probably go, if for nothing else just to see what all the hub bub is about. I'm not surprised to hear that you've run into a few democrats at the parties you've been too... i've seen and heard a few here and there either on TV or the radio that have expressed their displeasure with the current state of affairs in Washington.
That does make sense Max, as most of what motivates the movement is not based on any sort of racial/ethnic grounds. Until I saw Dave's video, I never knew that MSNBC's lineup was exclusively white (I usually lose interest in their jaundiced coverage pretty quick). Why are the so-called arbiters of 'what is racist?', making unfounded racial remarks (i.e. all Teabaggers are white)? These generalizations should be called what they are: racist. Pure and simple.


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