Why do some people go on forums and get mean?Is this the same as the bully in school.Is it their own insecurity,or is it a control thing?Some threads start out real interesting with good debating,then turn nasty and ugly.It makes the whole thing very unappealing in my opinion.Are these people this abusive to their own family?

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Barry, Angela posted an excellent example of this the other month in "Behr is at it again". This site administrator of the Soup actually said this (he used the actual f-words):

"Angela - listen to me - when you threaten someone else's life, like you have it's enough for me to ban you or anyone - the thing you need to do is calm DOWN. I'm alot more fair than Andy on LT is - (he'll just 'poof' and you are banned)so if you keep pulling my chain I'll be more than pleased to toss you. If you don't like Blinkey's avatar TOO F**KING BAD - he's a Co-admin - and he's been here way LONGER than you have been. As to Aqua, he threatened Casey's life 2 times - I let it slide the first time and that was a mistake - I also met the man in person and thought he was okay - he's got issues online and thinks he's all that. He's sent me some hateful emails on me being gay - and yeah I'm gay - but I'm no wuss by any means.

I still have screenshots saved for legal reasons incase such a thing would be needed - I have them on Quido, Aqua and yourself - it's my job to run this site safely - and typically you don't go arguing whose right or wrong to the Admin - anyone whose been on the net for years knows this.

Only people who are turning this into a second rate site is people like you who can't negotiate with others, work with others and swallow your pride. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinions - ONLY when it doesn't infringe on other members - it's in the f**king rules.

I've been fair to you - if you can't see the truth here then yes I will ban you cause I'm tired of these adult-baby games - if those on the Torch think I'm running a tyranny here - fine some there couldn't deal with rules on LT and they can't deal with them here - and you know what? X is going to have to do the same thing - you'll see.

I'm not forcing no one to get along with anyone here - but I will not tolerate harassment here on anyone - it's in the rules - if someone can't abide then they don't belong here - and it's not just in the Soup's rules - it's Ning's rules too.

As far as I am concerned - this issue is over - bring it up again to me here or in a comment and you are removed

I have few better examples of meanness, being threatening, and getting ugly. Until his next reply that Angela chronicled:

"Yawn. Well considering I don't know where you work how could I? but then I don't need to bother with small potatoes like you anyhow.

Actually it was you who brought up the weight issue - so shut up :)

I am not always right - but I do have proof on some things here in emails Aqua and some others had done in the past threatening member's lives - just like yourself.

I can tell you one thing - I am right that you hate yourself and your life obviously

Of course, the threats he mentioned never were detailed. This stuff should never find its way on a Ning site, and if you find some evidence of bullying and downright meanness here, Barry, let us know.
Plan B, your last post was deleted because it attributed a fictitious claim. Please, have your facts straight in the future, particularly when you try to slander someone.
Read the TOS, Plan B. One more, you're out of here. Member use of profanity is a violation.
But you have to ask yourself, Plan B: Why?

Are you that emotionally unstable that this is the only way you can receive pleasure-- putting meaningless prattle on a website without any cause?

What point are you trying to make?
Plan B was a failure too.
You've posted information you have yet to back up and used the F word and have received warning not to do so for breaking TOS. Your still here as long as you don't break established rules. Pretty simple.
If Behr moved on a long time ago, why has he been over at LT trying to stir things up? And please don't use the "Oh I don't know what your talking about" excuse. He hasn't exactly made it a secret it was him with his at least 3 assorted names he's used in the last week. On the off chance that I was wrong and its not Behr visiting then its certainly someone from the Soup. I do believe its him though, the way things are said in the post are similar to what i've noticed in how he post when I was at the Soup. Some people you can just tell.
So he hasn't moved on.... what a shock.

Who are you referring to as Mr Haiku? Me? LOL Hate to burst your bubble but i'm not much of a poetry person... other then a few naughty limericks here and there anyway.

I personally think that your either fibbing a little or someone is feeding you a bit of a line if your suggesting that Behr has only been over yonder for a few days. But if it isn't him, maybe he could rein in the inmates a little and keep them over at the Soup.. I mean with the Soup being so hunky dory and all these days :-)

Most here had gotten past the Soup.. really hasn't been much in the way of Soup talk here on the forum for awhile.
Your calling me hateful? HA... ya don't know me at all :-) I'm one of the nicest people you'd ever meet.

Disarm left because she wanted to scale down her net presence. She stayed over at LT which depending on who you ask is just as 'hateful' at the Torch is alleged to be. The recent activity at the Soup Rehab pretty much goes hand in hand with the recent activity at LT.

Anywho, we'll only have to take your word for how great the Soup is doing since you all apparently can't handle criticism real well :-)

And lastly, please get your facts right. I was not banned from the Soup. I was simply given an ultimatum that either I leave the site or be banned... simply because I wasn't liberal enough for Behr. Given the option, I decided to leave of my own accord. Kind of funny in that a liberal site apparently can't handle free speech though. To this point your still able to post here though... funny aint it?
Speaking about mean people on threads... Have you ever wondered why someone as intelligent and non-threatening as Behr purports himself to be would be so antagonistic, threatening, and devoid of any desire to pursue actual facts? It all seems so contradictory to me. Unless his opinion of himself is a bit off.
Oh well, to each their own. The opinions I have of him are made upon what he has posted. He tries to make himself out to be a nice guy and all but really isn't all that much better then anyone else, specially those he thinks are such bad people.
Yeah, your name came up in a post with the suggestion that you left for reasons other then your own free will. I was under the impression that you left simply because you didn't want to be posting in to many forums which as you confirm was the case. Thank you for clarifying the situation though :-)


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