Why do some people go on forums and get mean?Is this the same as the bully in school.Is it their own insecurity,or is it a control thing?Some threads start out real interesting with good debating,then turn nasty and ugly.It makes the whole thing very unappealing in my opinion.Are these people this abusive to their own family?

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Thanks for the kudos to the site and its members, Disarm, and I hope you can stay longer this time. There is something to be said about diluting your opinions by spreading it around in too many places.

But each time you leave, we lose any wisdom you might have enlightened us with over the period of your membership. Maybe you can just go dormant for awhile, until you have to emerge to give us your facts and opinions. Welcome back.
What's going on here? Who/what is Plan B? Have a bunch of posts been deleted from this thread? You might as well take it down, because it seems to be going nowhere. Better to ignore those who try to stir up trouble.
I think Rush Limbaugh calls them "seminar callers".
Two posts were deleted due to outright slander of another person and profanity, and then the poster "Plan B" (Behr of Lakeshore Soup infamy) responded to a warning by posting personal data that was false.
Kids will play.
Today, after about a week's furlow, I decided to get back online for just a little bit, to look see. At LT I got a request for friendship from John Queere, with a comment: " your an XXXX XXX, you keep giving your mothers deathbed as an excuse to XXX XXX, when you're nothing but an XXXX, admit it". XLFD, I have sent this to you via email if you want to post the exact wording. Now, I'm going back into mourning, Mom did die, last Sunday nite, and I have no time for more hate mail, as the thread maker here seems to be one in the same person. Just think of all the times the liberals have stated they have a monopoly on compassion, does this type behavior bespeak of that love?
I read her obituary. Sounds like a mother anyone could be proud of, and miss dearly. We miss your cogent postings, like the one above, here and at LT, my friend; but take as much time as you need to mourn this great loss in your life. Perhaps, 'mean people on forums' will have run his course by then.
Aqua, please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother.
I'm very sorry to hear about your mother's passing. It's never an easy thing to go thru. I wondered where you were and I hope you will be OK.
My sympathy's... hang in there and take it one day at a time... we're not going anywhere, we'll be here when your ready to come back
so sorry for your loss, take all the time you need & we'll be right here waiting whenever you need something - take care
My sympathies to you and your family aqua.


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