I think the administration is making the right call in changing where
the terror trials are going to be held at. NYC is simply not the place
for them. I would prefer they do they do the military tribunals but if
nothing else, moving them out of NYC and somewhere else is the right
thing to do. Trying to have them in NYC would simply be a nightmare as
far as security goes. The cost of having them in NYC is another
thing... some estimate the cost to be at least a billion $$. Working
out the logistics would be another nightmare in its self. This is all
part of why I prefer the military tribunals, simply it would be a lot
easier to do these trials in that format. It would save a lot of money
too. And maybe most importantly, it wouldn't give the accused terrorist
the soap box so to speak from that a civil trial would. Of course the administration in NYC it seems would of been liked to be asked for their opinion on the issue, apparently they were not approached about it and were surprised to hear that they would be hosting.
I hope that the administration decides that maybe the tribunals are the way to go but
for the time being i'll applaude them for doing the right thing with at
least moving them.

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Doesn't it just suck that we taxpayers have to house and feed this guy and pay for the circus that this trial may become? I say Off with his head! Well, not exactly, but I would like to lock him up and throw away the key.
I can't say I was ever crazy about the 'show trial' that would of happened if they had the trials in NYC. The tribunals are the best idea and the safest and most cost effective as far as i'm concerned.
Yes, I agree. NYC has had its fill of terrorists. New Yorkers certainly do not need to be made vulnerable to another attack.
Being that our own President has already said they would be found guilty, what is the purpose? Why are millions of our tax dollars and the security of our country being compromised for some political point, that doesn't even make any sense?

Military tribunals are the way to go-- if its good enough justice for the men and women who risk their lives in defense of our country, its good enough for the ones who would love to bring this country down.
OMG you know we have to look and do what's politically correct to the rest of the world, it's our folly these days. And shows the terrorists how weak and stupid a nation we have become in reality. If you have to go this way, then ok, I concur X and Dave, but, I'm kinda leaning Mary's way moreso, only dif. is, I think a dawn firing squad would be more appropriate, save the knife blade for cleaning fish. BULLETS BABY BULLETS! What say ye Max?
Yes Aqua, I would volunteer to be the firing squad!
KSM was ready to plead guilty at a military tribunal until he was offered a chance to lawyer up and have a criminal trial. Were it not for the Obama administration, he would be pushing up daisies by now.
Good Max, I knew you'd be on cue. Btw, aren't ya goin a little softie over yonder tonite with the Wiccan? I came back a couple hours later to Dave's teleprompter thread, only to see an attack on my person, so, I in like, went to battlestations.
Yeah Aqua I am a bit of a softy. I really enjoy the banter with the progressives. It is cheap entertainment, but I don't want to rile them to where they won't play anymore...
Yeah, I see where you & Dave softened up the old Wiccan with movie talk. I left a comment for her majesty for a day, about a split-personality, and being sacriligious, be she ran away. First time I've seen that, must have hit home hard. So, I decided why lower myself, and withdrew it, for now anyhow. At least she gave credit due for your extensive expertise in the Constitution and BOR.
"Being that our own President has already said they would be found guilty, what is the purpose? "

Obama can't promise a guilty verdict anymore than he can promise unemployment won't go above 8%. If anything, offering the terrorists a criminal trial almost guarantees that they will walk on technicalities..... some liberal somewhere (or a brood of them) will scream that the terrorists' "rights were violated" & none of the evidence that (supposedly) guarantees their convictions will be admissible. They don't deserve the rights of Americans under our laws, including the right to a "fair trial by a jury of their peers".... how could that even happen anyway? A jury of their peers would be 12 other terrorists. They deserve to be treated as any other terrorists should be.... in military courts, & promptly executed for their crimes against our country.... not coddled in our (so-called) justice system.

Sorry, not many topics set me off but this one does.... cause it screams "political correctness" & few things make me more nauseous.
As far as I am concerned Red, you have no reason to be "sorry". You are a patriot, like hubby, and should be decorated for your values and valor. I salute you. Political correctness has it's place, but, it's misplaced here, at best! JMO


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