The Ideals of The Ludington Torch is to have a free flow of information, images, and ideas, with as little restriction as possible. To this end, I wish to create a minimum of rules and as such will only adhere to the general terms of service for Ning sites, which is accessible at the bottom of the page.

Yet I don't want to interrupt your enjoyment of the Torch by having to wade through this bit of legalese, and so I will condense it here into its fundamentals, with the page number in the Terms of Service noted:

* (p 1) Members are presumed to be at least 13 years of age and competent/able.
* (p10-12) You shall not post or make available any content on the Torch that:
1) Violates or takes any other party's copyrights, intellectual property or other such rights.
2) Disrupts, interferes with,or destroys software or hardware associated with this site.
3) Advertises illegal products or services or uses "spam", "pyramiding", etc.
4) Is intentionally misleading, deceptive or fraudulent.
5) Is libelous, harassing, abusive, malicious or Invasive of another's privacy.
6) Is hateful or discriminatory (all types)
7) To represent yourself as another real person or entity.
8) Includes personal or identifying material about another person w/o consent.
9) Includes ads or solicitations, esp. to users who have requested no contact with same.

*Additionally, you agree not to:
a) Cyberbully or harass anyone.
b) Collect, use or disclose data of other Users w/o consent.
c) Use profanity
d) Post images of adult content, child pornography, extreme violence, rape and the like.
e) Post irrelevant content w/intent to put a large load on the network.

Please advise Site Administrators when you feel the preceding guidelines have been violated. They will be investigated ASAP, and individually assessed. Administrators shall try to convey the rationale for why posts, threads, images, music, or members had to be deleted on a special thread.

In summary, let's remember the Golden Rule and the Mission Statement for the Torch. We as a unit can wield great power, but with such power comes great responsibility.

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Children should be seen and not heard (from). Moms and Dads: keep your chitlin's away from the computer, no one on here should be under 13.
I'm not 100% but I think Casey is a female, so ya can call her a her if ya want :-)
I'm kind of sad that I had to work today now that I see that Casey came back for a visit... I would of liked to see what sort of wit she had for us... oh well, it was fun while it lasted... lol
"I'm kind of sad that I had to work today now that I see that Casey came back for a visit... I would of liked to see what sort of wit she had for us... oh well, it was fun while it lasted... lol"

Yeah I'm sorry I missed it too! But, based on the previous rants I don't think much "wit" was involved...
Your probably right... she doesn't seem to have much wit about her, just curse and try and attack who ever. Hopefully in real life she is a little more civil.

Oh well, what can ya go?
If he/she could have kept it clean, I would have left his/her comments alone, but he/she didn't. I find the wit and wisdom (?!) of LS's unofficial ambassador charming myself.
She/he may have been charming but we did not see what was written.
if casey is a she, maybe it's the sister of LFD member Nick T.? I received a weird facebook friends request from her not too long after the whole thing on the soup started - so it's making me think that it is his (Nick's) sister................. didnt put 2 & 2 together til I found out who she was from a coworker.................
Unfortunately, I am still on a learNing curve here as an administrator, and after seeing f-bombs, s-bombs, and pure harassment done by our visitor I suspended them, figuring I could leave the amusing, but inoffensive material for viewing, or at least archiving. Most, but not all of their material disappeared. Next time, I will save whatever I can for entertainment purposes for the curious.

Another odd thing was some members needing approval for getting in "Soup Rehab", even though they were invited in. As for KC, I don't care who she is, I just hope she gets the psychiatric attention she needs so desperately ; )
:) very true!


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