The Ideals of The Ludington Torch is to have a free flow of information, images, and ideas, with as little restriction as possible. To this end, I wish to create a minimum of rules and as such will only adhere to the general terms of service for Ning sites, which is accessible at the bottom of the page.

Yet I don't want to interrupt your enjoyment of the Torch by having to wade through this bit of legalese, and so I will condense it here into its fundamentals, with the page number in the Terms of Service noted:

* (p 1) Members are presumed to be at least 13 years of age and competent/able.
* (p10-12) You shall not post or make available any content on the Torch that:
1) Violates or takes any other party's copyrights, intellectual property or other such rights.
2) Disrupts, interferes with,or destroys software or hardware associated with this site.
3) Advertises illegal products or services or uses "spam", "pyramiding", etc.
4) Is intentionally misleading, deceptive or fraudulent.
5) Is libelous, harassing, abusive, malicious or Invasive of another's privacy.
6) Is hateful or discriminatory (all types)
7) To represent yourself as another real person or entity.
8) Includes personal or identifying material about another person w/o consent.
9) Includes ads or solicitations, esp. to users who have requested no contact with same.

*Additionally, you agree not to:
a) Cyberbully or harass anyone.
b) Collect, use or disclose data of other Users w/o consent.
c) Use profanity
d) Post images of adult content, child pornography, extreme violence, rape and the like.
e) Post irrelevant content w/intent to put a large load on the network.

Please advise Site Administrators when you feel the preceding guidelines have been violated. They will be investigated ASAP, and individually assessed. Administrators shall try to convey the rationale for why posts, threads, images, music, or members had to be deleted on a special thread.

In summary, let's remember the Golden Rule and the Mission Statement for the Torch. We as a unit can wield great power, but with such power comes great responsibility.

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There's still lots of rules
Thanks for not adding more rules
Like other sites do.
Thanks for starting up another forum here, with any luck this will be the best of what the others lacked. LT is ok but the banning's here and there do get old, specially when it appears they only do so when they or someone they know get's uncomfy. LS was ok except for the fact that they didn't live up to their own billing.. going to their main page it states clearly (or at least it did anyway), that the site was for everyone, giving no conditions as to if you were left leaning, right leaning, independent, conservative or just an normal average person. Obviously once in though, if you was more conservative then liberal, you were definitely in the minority and not exactly made to feel welcome. I got a feeling that you have probably taken experiences from both sites to make this site an actual place for actual free speech!
I hope I have, and hope I have the ability to recognize if I have not.

Teddy Roosevelt, a man I recently have grown to admire a lot said: "Men with the muckrake are often indispensable to the well-being of society, but only if they know when to stop raking the muck."

This also is applicable to applying freedom of speech.
I respect Max and yours decision to voluntarily leave there when the site was in the process of changing its focus and vision. I think Behr was growing disturbed that liberal dogmas were being challenged regularly and successfully by four members of this new forum, and it was not what he had envisioned when he started his site.

I am still there, and I am basically apolitical at this point as to my discussions. I hope to get some more liberal viewpoints to come here so that we can have fair and balanced discussions instead of a bunch of "me too" dialog all the time among a more conservative (whatever that means) membership.
The more I thought about it, the more I decided it just wasn't worth it to stick around when it seemed that I wasn't wanted... so instead of making a scene I figured just leaving was the best option... plus I think it makes everyone involved come out of it with their dignity and respect.

I'm all for their being voices from all aspects as far as political discussions go... I look forward to real discussions. The 'me too' dialog does eventually get old, as I tried to tell Behr just before I left, having a forum that only has people with the same viewpoint is going to get boring real quick. You can only agree on all the same things for a short time before it gets to be a little pointless. If his forum was in a metro area like Detroit or something he would probably be able to do what he wants, but in this part of the state, not so much. Even LT I think is moving along a bit slower these days then what it was last winter which could be people getting bored with it too... or they just banned to many people... lol.
Thanks Dave and X, for your undying pursuit and support of a more just and middle-of-the-ground forum. I think it deserves praise, and likewise, many more will come here for a forum that doesn't have to be too formal, nor too over the top liberal, without some fair balance to all views. Btw, numbed, there is a volume control on these pc's to adjust the noise/music. Suzie kinda reminds me of someone's avatar, just add snowflakes. Laugh, it's a joke, not malice. Happy New Year!
Good point, NOC; I had hoped each member would have control over the music I select that plays whenever you go to the main page, but the controls reset themselves each time you revisit it. I will try to look for a solution to that problem, until then, if you don't need the music, turn the volume down.
I didn't even know there was music on the main page til you all mentioned it.. lol.
I have changed the "main page" music so that it does not automatically play when you go to the main page. You can access the music by hitting the 'play' triangle. Unfortunately I was not able to find some happy medium whereas you could silence the music or if you wanted or "amp it up".
I don't think it was said that there are no rules here... there are a few... as long as people remain civil then the rules wont usually be worried about. Course if someone comes in and spams or just talks to hear themselves then maybe they would have their toenails removed.
There's still plenty of rules to go around. But the site administrator won't tell you what to think. Not that that happens anywhere else, ROFL.
Tonight, Numbedoutcomfortably came on the Torch and did his usual routine. He/she left a trail of obscenities along with the usual immature rants and harassments: I left one of the milder ones on the latest activity screen. Unlike certain sites, we take the terms of service seriously here at the Torch and he was suspended.


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