Sometimes its the little things that put a smile on your face

Yesterday I was down in Muskegon, having gone with the folks to have
dinner down there. At one point I had went to the restroom, on my way
out there was a older woman coming out of the ladies restroom. I opted
to let her go ahead of me and said that 'ladies go first'. She thanked
me and said that was a very nice thing to do. She moved along slowly
and went to where her husband was waiting with her walker and commented
to her hubby that I had been nice enough to let go first. I couldn't
help but smile a little bit as I headed back to my table.
Its kind of like when i'm at work, its a good feeling when i've been helping a
customer and we get done checking out and the customer feels the need
to thank me and shake my hand. It lets me know that i've done a good
job when the customer holds that hand out.

Feel free to add any situations that any of you have had that would apply here :-)

I deleted the initial thread but decided to repost it... here's X's reply:
I do some needed chores (shoveling, shopping, etc.) for some elderly folks who have mobility problems during this time of the year. They are
always appreciative, and it gives me that good feeling you mentioned,
Dave. Its always great to make a difference, and I would encourage all
who can to help out when you can, even if its just being polite like
Dave was. You may get something priceless in return!

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A tiny bit of courtesy goes a long ways, esp. these days, when it is practically non-existent, for the most part. Keep up the good deeds Dave, it could just become contagious and spread.
FYI, Dave as of now, you have lost your initial courteous action you did that initiated the thread. Re-edit, copy and paste from LT, and bring it back.
lol... ooops.... i'll take care of that
I have noticed one thing when copy and pasting from one place to another, to be able to use whatever you've copy and pasted, you have to add something like a additional comment or whatever or it wont copy whatever you just tried to copy and paste.
my hubby held the door the other day for a "ladY" at the downtown wesco who had her hands full - I thought what a nice thing - only to have the lady totally snub him & act like she was doing him a favor! bunch of BS if you ask me - some plp!
I see that all to often myself.

Tonight was an example, went out to eat after a movie and there was a young guy with his date sitting behind me. The guy couldn't of weighed more then 180 tops yet had to apparently sit at least a foot or more from the table, all leaned back. Before even sitting down I moved my table a little bit away from the other table just cause I know that me being not a small guy that i'd want to have a little more room between the chairs. So when the guy got seated behind me, moving the table in a way seemed to be pointless. And when he did get up to go do whatever, he would never bother to push his chair in. Lack of manners in todays society is pretty sad.


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