Congressman Pete Stark, A Democrat in CA (no surprise), is a disgrace. The video below really says it all. A member of the Minutemen is given a chance to ask the congressman a question and does so in a respectful manner... the congressman answers the questions in a snarky and disrespectful manner. He starts his answer with a slander to boot by asking the Minuteman questioner how many people they are going to kill... one should note that the Minutemen have never been shown to have shot anyone. Several other people stand up and have stuff to say during the video.

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But he's someone's representative, Dave, and that's disturbing. Too bad they don't tar and feather people anymore. He'd be a likely candidate.
I have the feathers!
And I've got the tar. Looks like we have a dipstick in the congressman. Excellent reason for why we really need term limits to preserve our democracy and protect us from thought-free dinosaurs like this guy.
The funniest thing with this Stark guy is from what I understand, he initially ran for office because the other person in the race way back when had held the office for to long in Stark's opinion.. apparently about 30 years... Stark is now pushing 40 years in office... pretty much the pot calling the kettle black... i'm for term limits for reasons like this joke of a politician.
We do have representatives like him. Stabenow and Levin share this fools opinions as does the Democrat Party and the President of the United States. He has just stated the attitude of the liberals and progressives and the policies of the United States Gov. If this doesn't convince those who are riding the fence on the fact that there is a concerted effort to undo America's position in the World and turn the U.S. into a socialist state then I don't know what would convince people. This man along with the all the other Democrats must be voted out of office.
Regarding illegal immigrants, Obama has just stated today it would be far too costly to deport the suspected 11 Million of them now. We must do what is fair and what we are known for? BUT we do have plenty of money to WASTE on other priorities? Like winless wars for years and years, bailouts, private corp. takeovers, and a list of endless new social programs for the needy! Good riddens to Levin, except for helping save the Badger from the EPA, he was way too liberal for Michigan.


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