Ex-wife of Greenville DPS director facing prison for fraud!

Christine Reiss' mug shot from the Kent County Correctional Facility.

GREENVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The ex-wife of the former director for the Greenville Public Safety Department faces as much as four years in prison when she is sentenced on multiple counts of heath care fraud.

A jury deliberated for about five hours Thursday following a three-day trial in Kent County Circuit Court where she was charged with eight counts of filing a false claim as well as concealing information and making a false claim.

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She was found not guilty of seven counts of false claims but convicted of the remaining charges. She will remain in jail until her sentencing June 22.

Christine Reiss was married to Mark Reiss, the former public safety director until their 2014 divorce. However, she allegedly remained on his Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan city-provided insurance.

Mark Reiss
Mark Reiss’ mug shot.

The couple is accused of defrauding the insurance corporation out of $113,000 over 15 months.

The Greenville mayor previously told 24 Hour News 8 that he doesn’t believe that Reiss was trying to defraud the city and that it was a mistake.

Mark Reiss resigned his position in March.

In Michigan State Police investigation reports, Reiss said that he wanted to cooperate with the investigation. However, that same reports says Reiss didn’t turn himself in to police as he agreed. Instead, officers had to find him at his house to make the arrest.

His trial is expected to begin June 6 in Montcalm County.

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I don't understand why she was charged and sent to trial and he was not if they were both involved. If they were illegal aliens they would have received free medical care, housing, food and education. Maybe she should have given up her citizenship, moved to Canada then slithered back into the U.S illegally. She would have bee greeted with open arms in one of Michigan's sanctuary cities and showered with benefits paid for by legal citizens.


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