The Good News, ACORN disbanding.... The Bad News, Its changing its name

Well, its been rumored for awhile and looks like its finally happened, ACORN is apparently disbanding as a national org and instead going to have independent offices at the state level in most states. In the beginning maybe ACORN was a good org but at whatever point they became partisan, that should of been the end of the group. It's been my impression that for groups like ACORN to be able to receive public funds, they had to be bi-partisan, severing people of any political background... so rightly so, ACORN or any of the new groups do not deserve federal or state funds.

NY ACORN Regroups Under New Name

NEW YORK, NY February 23, 2010

—New York ACORN is being dissolved and a new group is taking over. WNYC's Cindy Rodriguez has more.

REPORTER: New York Communities for Change says it's made up of leaders in the progressive community and former ACORN staff members. ACORN has been
struggling to stay alive ever since a video showed workers giving home
buying advice to a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute. The
scandal caused the federal government to freeze ACORN's funds and it
also lost money from foundations and other private donors.

In New York, local members resorted to holding bake sales and raffles to raise money. ACORN had 45000 New York members and was seen as a powerful
entity that could organize behind everything from school funding to
landlord tenant disputes. According to a spokesman, the new group is
negotiating with national ACORN to purchase its membership list and it
plans to sign up as many people as possible.

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That article I posted questioning the validity of it...Patriot something gave a name is replacing AACORN
An Acorn by any other name will stink as bittersweetly.
If you reorganize and rename a group of bad characters, it is still a group of bad characters.


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