Anyone hear about this new rule for your checking accounts now? Citigroup/Citibank is the leader and instigator of this new banking  debacle. Seems you have to give the bank 7 full business days notice to issue your withdrawal from your checking acct., can this be true? Bank says it's law and true, but they don't intend to enforce it right away. I'd like links and other pertinent facts applied here to talk about. Thanks.

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Hey deep sea diver, don't get your tailfins bent out of shape; according to the link I found it may only affect those living in Texas dealing with Citigroups, and it sounds as if it is not being done, only a possibility of it being done.
The newscast last nite stated it was a new mailing to customers, and part of current revisions to their respective customer base. All coming before any more new banking/finance reform laws can be established. Same with healthcare, a BC/BS affiliate in Cal. Anton? has announed premium increases starting soon of 39% to it's insurance group. That after filing over $2Billion in profits just from the last quarter of business. Talk about gouging the public for no other reason but pure greed.


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