It started with a “challenge” from attorney Robert Barnes. Barnes is a constitutional lawyer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Barnes is a co-host on a growing internet channel “Viva Barnes Law”. He challenged Joe Nierman “goodlawgic” to file suit against Judge Juan Merchan against his “gag order” of former President Donald Trump. I have included the summary of the action by copying the description from the givesendgo page.

“Recently, in the NY criminal action of People of the State Of New York v. Trump, Judge Juan Merchan issued a "gag order" restraining Trump from addressing any testimony anticipated from potential witnesses or Court procedure. He cannot criticize Court staff. He cannot discuss the fact that Merchan's daughter is communicating with him about the trial or that she has been paid millions by DNC leaders for her PR work on their behalf. Trump became the FIRST criminal Defendant in American HISTORY to be struck with such a gag order. If this ruling is permitted to stand, he undoubtedly will NOT be the last. However you feel about Trump, the decision to gag Trump has obvious repercussions that bode poorly for America's future. In ten years Trump will be irrelevant in American politics, But the legal precedents created today will still be here in 10 years. They will be here in 20 years and in 50 years. This campaign is designed to sponsor the fight to overturn the dangerous precedent set by this unconstitutional gag order."

Joe Nierman is a NY commercial litigator who founded the YouTube and Rumble channels called "Good Lawgic." On Good Lawgic, Nierman podcasts 5-6 nights per week discussing law and politics in current events. In an effort to overturn the unconstitutional gag order against Trump, Good Lawgic and Nierman filed a law suit AGAINST Judge Merchan on the basis that his unconstitutional gag order inhibits trump from speaking freely about his perspectives on one of the most significant criminal prosecutions in American history. This makes it impossible for Petitioners to collect information from a primary source and illegally violates their First Amendment rights of freedom of the press. NY has a history of recognizing the rights of the media to sue a judge for issuing an illegal gag order on attorneys for a defendant and thereby infringing on freedom of the press. (See NYT v. Rothwax.)

The standing of Petitioners in this case is no different. Moreover, Petitioners basis for attacking the gag order as unconstitutional is different and stronger than the arguments presented by Trump's counsel. His attorneys focused primarily on the gag order violating his Sixth Amendment rights to a fair trial. This petition fixates on how Judge Merchan mis-analyzed the very Supreme Court cases that he cites to conclude a legal basis for issuing a gag. Moreover, even if his analysis were not fatally flawed, his application of a balancing test completely fails under every Supreme Court precedent.

Presently, the case is pending in NY Appellate Division First Department. Most experts speculate that the Petitioners should not anticipate that the Court at this level will be receptive to arguments that benefit Trump. If the instant application fails, Petitioners plan to appeal to New York's highest court, the Court Of Appeals. If that too fails, Petitioners shall apply to the Supreme Court for certiorari. Because this area of law is not Nierman's forte, he has enlisted aid of outside counsel to assist.

The initial anticipated costs of applying for cert including printing costs is $25k. If you support the fight for our First Amendment rights, we urge you to give generously. If you cannot afford to give, even a warm word is appreciated. Thank you.” (givesendgo/ No one in mainstream media has contacted Good Lawgic to discuss his case. It’s one that could end up in front of the Supreme Court. Maybe Torch readers can say they knew about it first.

Feel free to follow goodlawgic and his trial updates along with vivabarneslaw on If you would like to read the papers files in Court, feel free to click this link:

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Thanks for the update, you definitely won't find it among our corporate news agencies who love and try to perpetuate this ongoing theater which is using our judicial system to destroy itself in the ongoing persecution of Donald Trump in cases that are ludicrous at the outset and fall apart quickly when critically looked at.  Everybody except the most oblivious knows that all of these cases, coming years and decades after the statutes of limitations have passed, are being sought solely due to the fact that Trump is running again and is more popular than ever among the folks.  They are permitted only because the "Justice" Department choreographs the whole affair and the liberal elites get off on seeing him scourged in public.

I'm glad someone is challenging this judge. My question is where the hell is the damn Republican Party?

Haven't you heard, they came out from under the desk and a vast majority of them voted with a unified Democratic Party to not vacate the House Speaker position currently occupied by Uniparty favorite Mike Johnson who cravenly caved on Ukraine aid and securing the border after vowing he wouldn't.


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