Valerie Jarrett says: Obama is so bright that he can see his mistakes immeadietly

What can we say about Valerie Jarrett of Obama's staff? I think it's safe to say that she has bought into the president's message 110%. A recent speech given at Harvard confirms this point. Among the comments made, she said that president Obama is so bright that he catches mistakes when he makes them so he can correct them right then (like in the case where the black college professor got arrested and although he didn't have hardly any evidence, he said the police were wrong), also, she thinks the idea of making a booklet that will more simply explain the president's policies to the tea party people would be a good idea... during the same speech she also talked about how simple the message of Hope & Change was, more or less implying that the people that voted for Obama needed a simple message that they could understand, which one could conjecture that by her own words, the people that voted for Obama are dumber then people supporting the tea party. Anyhow, enjoy the video piece....

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I'm waiting for the booklet to come out... I is two sippleminded to figger out Brocco.
I understand hope and change a lot better, in that I hope we correct the mistake of 2008, and change the direction the country has taken.


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