I don't remember how I started getting the corp epub, and I don't even read it very often but today I did and found this neat article. The company makes blades and nacelles that are sold to the companies that make the turbines.

heres the article http://www.corpmagazine.com/Departments/CoverStories/tabid/54/itemi...

Now, after reading the article I have  questions for you all. 

What exactly is the partnership with the Spanish Co.? do they lease design info from them or something, the article doen't say exactly what that is.

If all the parts for the turbines and the turbines themselves were made here in michigan, by a michigan company, would you be more supportive(assuming your not) of the offshore industrial site windfarm?

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What about the plant up in Manistee? Anybody knows what's currently going on up there? I heard they were temporarily shut down, and were in the business of manufacturing wind turbines. Here's a link, albeit dated.
I've recently come to see that the entire subject matter is complex and new to our area here in W. Mich.. The Slikkers family are very good people, they build S2 sailboats, and Tiara Yachts, both high quality products in that industry. So, I would assume they are making very good products for the wind turbine industry too. And certainly, I would encourage their efforts, along with any others wanting to produce related products here in Michigan. No brainer, we need every new job we can get. As for placing farms in Lk. Mich., sorry, my mind is not changeable on that subject as the proposed project for Ludington is now laid out, nor in the future with any modifications. It is far too invasive against the ecology, tourism, and just a black eye on one of the most beautiful places on earth. JMO


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