This is an intersection of a bike trail and a Cartier Park service road. There currently are three STOP signs placed, two for the road and one on the bike trail, all seen above. Use the following information to describe why this is not the best way to sign that intersection, and suggest your reasoned remedy:
1) Sight lines up all venues are good coming from each direction.
2) Motor vehicles are restricted to 5 mph on the unpaved road, by sign and standing traffic control order.
3) The paved bike trail has no speed limit posted.

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Comment by XLFD on September 25, 2013 at 11:28pm

At least there's not several 24K gold on a black background signs saying "Stop Ahead".   MDOT mandates usually frown on excess or inappropriate stop signs.  You're on the right track, so to speak, Aquaman, when you go minimalistic, which does not get followed by our local traffic engineer. 

Comment by AQUAMAN on September 25, 2013 at 9:53pm

I don't see where MDOT vehicle signage is even applicable nor legal in a confined public park to begin with. Either take all the signage down, or unless the bike path is one way, make it a 4 way stop. Caution or yield signs, if legal, seem more reasonable too. Signage and rules around Ludington are totally out of control imho.

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