The October 16 meeting agenda packet showed three routine uncontroversial actions by the Ludington School Board to approve payments totaling $2 million of the 2019 bond, approve spending $60,000 on lockers meant for Oriole Field, and acknowledge reception of another part of the vape settlement of around $12,000 from Altria.  

It also featured an update about the afterschool childcare program they started earlier this school year from Ashela Trevino and a report from pupil Jack Jubar, mayor of the student government, giving a unique and interesting report regarding student affairs, like how the new homecoming worked out.  Deb Follrath was recognized for her work through the Soaring Oriole award.  

Clockwise around table starting from bottom left:  Board members Autrey, Nagle, Reed, Carlson, Superintendent Corlett, Lowman, Mayor Jubar (in background), Ashley, Foster.  

During the public comment, a woman made a plea with the board to improve the pedestrian facilities within the new elementary school, and even though this was never really addressed during the meeting, a couple of board members chatted with her afterwards acknowledging the issue.  

Before that, I saw this as an opportunity to make a possibly-final statement about the Unbounded program, at least as it pertains to the school board.  The censors and book banners have shown themselves, and they are not parents or even "Moms for Liberty"; no, they are actually part of a different public body in our county.

XLFD:  "I'm tempted to update the board on non-contact lower body injuries to professional football players over the last month on artificial turf, including one to Taylor Swift's boyfriend, but I won't.  

Instead let me focus on the Unbounded Program.  The school and library have admitted that the Memo of Understanding passed last year by this board was invalid.  There has been no replacement to that MOU passed by either board since.  On the positive side, I have seen this year's letter sent out by the superintendent indicating that Unbounded is an opt-in alternative, and that certain materials available may be age-inappropriate.  Yet, this board has never considered such policy at their meetings, so the lack of written guidelines or an MOU passed by the board is concerning.  

Once such formalities are performed, I will likely drop the issue with the school board and pursue the issue properly with the county library.  The last library board was attended by about 70 citizens, all there on a false premise.  Multiple library officials proclaimed the following on social media:

"Mom's for Liberty" has been taking out just about every book they deem "immoral" and plan to present a list of books to ban at the Ludington Library Board of Directors meeting on 9/20 at 4pm. The meeting is open to the public. They have tried to close libraries that do not conform to their distorted sense of morality and religious virtues. Censorship of any kind is immoral. If you value equality in our library, it might be a good board meeting to show up for.

I had to do a FOIA request to affirm my suspicions, but there was no book list, there was nobody from "Moms for Liberty" or any other organization to present a list, it was all made up in order for the lie-brary to stage a media event where they could get people in to vent about censorship and book banning.  For those who want to know what book banning truly is, take a look at what is available to children in our district lie-brary using the Unbounded program. 

They shelf 12 of the 13 titles of most banned books of 2022, but when you look up Amazon's current list of most popular books, and you consider those only published before 2021, to allow our library to acquire them, you find only 7 of 13 titles on our shelves at the top of the general literature and fiction category in the catalog:

Six of the currently most popular (by sales) books in the category of children's literature (fiction) published before 2021, all not available at the MCDL.  Only four of the books before #14 are at the library.


....and ZERO of thirteen titles from the currently most popular children's religious fiction books.  

 Amazon's current 12 most popular, by sales, children's religious (fiction) literature.  Two were published in 2022, but none are available at the Mason County District Library in any form.

Do you begin to see what censorship and book banning actually is?"  [END Comment]

How ironic that the same folks who are lying about some bugbear named "Moms for Liberty" and a list of books to ban are the same folks who are actually censoring and banning the books that our children can find at the library by selecting sketchy books over popular titles.  And they practice this censorship so they can promote an often- twisted set of books that they think have virtue simply because many reasonable adults have decided they are inappropriate or unwholesome for their community's children.  Think about that.

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Thanks for the update X. I did some research on Moms for Liberty group and what I found was that almost all the postings about MFL were extremely hostile and negative regarding the group and all were written by Leftists organizations including news organizations such as ABC, NPR, etc. The people who get their information from these leftist organizations and news agencies will never know the truth about what the MFL stands for and what their goals are. The sad thing is that America is a Country filled with people who are ignorant of what is going on and who seem content and satisfied with being lied to.  This includes a large number of citizens in the LASD. The Left has it's fangs on America's throat.

You look at the Moms for Liberty webpage, and you can see why they are vilified by the left.  They stand for parental rights, not for governmental control, as it pertains to our next generation.  Their methodology mirrors those of the Ludington Torch, these are delineated here:  Hold leaders accountable, Spread awareness, Oppose government overreach, Promote liberty, Engage on key issues, and Activate to public service.  I'd gladly ally with these moms and dads to achieve mutual goals.


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