Do Epworth Heights residents pay property taxes?

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Yes, these postcard pics are what peaked my interest..
Anyone else have ANY ideas?
Obe Jr.

Obe, I would suggest contacting the Mason County Historical Society, on their home page (the link) they have a 'contact us' section at the bottom where you can leave a brief message or question.  Many of those guys and gals are historical in their own right and may know something handed down or from all of their historical research.

If you can't get anything new out of them, I would be willing to go down to the Ludington Library and see whether they have any old Epworth historical records in the archives room, normally secured.  Those two pics I had and Willy's last couple of photos came from the Library of Congress, so I wouldn't be surprised if we have some more, they just need to be found-- and unfortunately, the Ludington Torch isn't one of those sites reviewed thoroughly by antiquarians.


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