Word has been heard, and WMOM seems to confirm it tonight, and probably will tomorrow, that the State of Michigan has okayed the ballot proposal recently passed along to it from the Ludington City Council who passed it along through with their unanimous vote at the meeting of August 13, 2012.  This amendment just changes one word in the  Ludington Charter sec. 3.2 which says that the Mayor of Ludington is limited to three four-year terms; the three is changed to five. 


I recently sent a FOIA request to look at the petition signatures, and was rewarded with 47 pages.  It was enlightening to see who had signed it, and who didn't.  Even to those who signed it twice, which there were several, those who circulated the petiion who were not circulators, people whose signatures didn't match up, who weren't registered in Ludington, or at the address supplied, etc.  That's material for another thread, but the basic fact that there was 302 valid signatures on the petition, and 5% of the registered voters of the previous election required 298. 


Cutting it close, but above 5%, which the Home Rule City Act (state law) says is adequate enough for an initiative  MCL 117.25(1).  But that same act gives cities the right to draft their own laws.


But now here's the snag, and I brought this up at the last meeting and it was swept under the table as far as being addressed, by the Councilors or by the City of Ludington Daily News (COLDNews); the City journalists were more mesmerized by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as pertains to beach safety, as I fully predicted they would be. 


The City Charter, section 7.5 states quite plainly in subsection c(1): Number of Signatures. Initiative and referendum petitions must be signed by registered voters of the city equal in number to at least ten (10) percent of the total number of registered voters registered to vote at the last General City Election.


Submitting this initiative proposal before the City Council on August 13, the 302 signatures represented only about half of the signatures the City needed for this petition.  Ten percent of Ludington's registered voters is 596 electors.  As I see it, to be legitimate under the laws of the City of Ludington, the Petition Committee for the Citizen's for a Stronger Henderson need 294 more signatures.  Our City officials still have time to make that quota before the November election, but will they? 


Of course not, that would be following the laws of the City of Ludington, something they have been breaking over and over again since 2007, whether it's passing tax levies without a quorum, violating the Open Meetings Act, Whistleblower Act, Freedom of Information Act, or a host of Constitutional amendments.  More to come.

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Just what we need, him or anyone, 20 years running a mayorship, that is practically ones entire adulthood that one person can be in charge of their town. crazy.

I hope someone can raise an effective counter-movement against this proposal.  I wouldn't mind doing it myself, but I already am a lightning rod for the City's thunderstorm-troopers receiving hits every time I open my mouth at the City council.  It only empowers my resolve all the more, but it does hurt my brand name to those who are misinformed by our local print media. 

Keep the faith, someone upstairs is on your side too. Has to be! Hey, that reminds me, I know this guy in Az. that is retired now, and has alot of time to do that project if you ask nicely.....lol.

You know, Aquaman, I think we may have got off on the wrong footing for choosing opposite sides in a partisan sheriff race, but that BC guy from AZ has earned some stripes in my book for his resourcefulness, dexterity, and his wit.  

X, that's funny how many people have been telling you this all this time?

ok so what needs to be done as a counter move?

At the least, yard signs and handouts stressing why term limits should not be extended.  I am putting up a new thread here in a few minutes that is a good start-- courtesy of the best journalist in the City of Ludington Daily News (COLDNews), the reader of that yellow rag.

ok well I cannot afford yard signs - can we make flyers and put them in peoples mail boxes around town?

No it is against federal law to put things in mailboxes. You can stick them in there storm door or under the wipers on there car though.

ok thanks, did not know that - so who want to compose a flyer? XLFD? I start classes back fulltime next week, so I will be busy with school but can pass out flyers

Angela, let's not forget that according to a large segment of the COLDNews reading public and the misinformed that I am a boogeyman with personal vendettas, axes to grind, spears to sharpen, public taxmoney to use for my indigent habits (bike-riding, LOL), etc.

Therefore, the other side can make it a popularity contest between individuals (John and I), and don't believe they won't, if I spearhead the contra effort.  This effort really shouldn't be about that, but about the very idea of term limits and how they would work against the citizens' interests.

I will definitely take on the concept and the Henderson here on the Ludington Torch, but like the Mayor, I will go to a corner and stay behind some pawns and a fianchettoed bishop.

XLFD and AQUAMAN, I love both you guys. I just try to push some buttons when I run out of things to do. You both can ask me a favor anytime.


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