Ludington’s lakeshore vista is unmarked by meters and pay booths, but if a Ludington City Council park committee discussion moves forward, though, that could be no more.

The idea — which councilors say is still in early stages — was first discussed at a park committee meeting last month. It has yet to be introduced during a city council meeting.

“It’s still in the formative stages,” said City Councilor Dick Rathsack. “One of those things we’ve been thinking about is, we have a lot of visitors that utilize facilities in Ludington, and they really don’t contribute anything as far as the cost to maintain those areas.”

City Councilor Brandy Henderson says it would allow City of Ludington residents to continue to park for free — something they already pay for through city taxes. Non-Ludington Mason County residents and visitors to the area would be required to pay.

Mike Krauch, head of the parks committee, said this is just an idea to increase revenue.

“There’s a lot of things you’d like to do, but you need the revenue,” he said. “It was brainstorming, which committee meetings are for."

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It's not very good quality... city may have distorted on purpose. (it's from the application to the DNR)



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