To be fair, there are plenty of things to be said about republican reasoning at times too... with that said though, this video is amusing. People that before being interviewed probably thought that they had it all figured out and end up looking silly and foolish.

Think my favorite was the woman apparently suggesting that birth control could help solve hunger... laughed out loud a little at that.

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That is such a loaded question. I wish that was asked of me and not the unintelligent people they interviewed. I find it amusing that the reporter spun it to relate it to the 'bedroom' and not an issue of womens health choices and our ability to choose for ourselves. If it was men wanting contraception all right wing christians would gladly say it was a mens choice for there health but since it is women  it is a sex issue. So much for womens lib.

So how would you have answered the follow up question?

To be fair, the guy asking the questions is a comedian if that makes any difference.

Liberal reasoning.  Now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.


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