No Investigation at Cartier Park by the City of Ludington or The DNR

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Terry, the DNR and USDA are totally out of control and effectively useless.  One gives out deer cull permits without any assessment to the other who do their dangerous deeds in the dark without a care for safety, even food safety when it comes time to donating the untested and possibly contaminated venison to food banks. 

Have you seen this recent article:  

The last time they were counted about 150 deer were living on 200 acres of forest land in Grand Haven. The DNR says there is only enough food and habitat to support half a dozen deer there, and the city wants to reduce the herd

“The deer are so hungry they are migrating into city neighborhoods where they come into contact with cars and people. Management is necessary.”

Using a 20 animals per square mile DNR formula Grand Haven Forest Management Subcommittee member Jean Madden says the city’s 200 acres of forest can only support a half dozen deer.

“The biological carrying capacity for deer in Grand Haven is between 6 and 7.”

If the DNR and/or their formula says that 6 to 7 deer is all that can survive in 200 acres, then 68 acre Cartier Park should only be able to support a little over 2 deer without suffering any sort of ecological damage.  They reportedly bagged 21 deer in Cartier park on March 12, then 5 or 7 more on March 19.  Where is the major ecological damage that should be around from such overpopulation by a factor of ten at least?  Where were the deer the night I was rescued after I travelled all through the park and the leaf corral and saw none?


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